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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Moderate Muslims ? Ask yourselves

We have been made to believe that Islam is hijacked by the terrorists, the mantra repeated often is that "Islam is a religion of peace" and all the terror and death inflicted on the us is not by Islam, but by people who have hijacked Islam namely the terrorists. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is no radical Islam, neither is there political Islam nor militant Islam. There is only one Islam. Period. The perpetrators of all the Islamic horror that goes on around the world like, 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Beslan, Bombay, Bali, Dafur and countless others are by the practitioners of the "religion of peace" which is Islam.
How could anyone calling themselves practitioners of a religion of Peace even think of acts of such barbarity & cruelty, yet Muslims plan them methodically, cold-bloodily and execute them? Don't look too far; read the daily reports coming from Iraq where the violence is on Sunni vs Shiite and vice versa - the answer is ISLAM.
The living embodiment of Islam is the Quran, which is a document of exclusion, hatred and violence that shapes the mind set & behavior towards other human beings who are not Muslims or who belong to another sect. This evil stone-age document is ideally suited for retards or people of stunted development. People who prefer to follow blindly than to think for themselves, to HATE than to LOVE, and to seek & celebrate DEATH rather than to celebrate LIFE.
Sadly, Muslims themselves are the ones who are most victimized by Islam. They have inherited this viral psychological disease of hate and violence; they live by it, and transmit it to their young ones. (child suicide bombers is just one example).
A puzzle to non-Muslims: why any intelligent and reasonably sane person would live his life by the dogma of Islam? It is particularly disconcerting when Muslims living in a secular non-Islamic society still follow blindly without questioning or reasoning whether all that is in the Koran, hadiths and surra's are true. Just for argument, Abraham never lived in Mecca or Arabia, the furthest he went was what is today's Iraq, but they believe that the Kaaba in Mecca was the house that Abraham constructed and the meteorite came from Paradise. (It came from space).
The non-Islamic world has a huge problem on its hands right now—the ever-encroaching and multiplying of Muslims. For as long as there are mosques, madrases, and Islamic centers; peopled by well-paid, highly indoctrinated and strategically placed mullahs and imams; and, as long as there are people who prefer to be led by these Mullahs and treated as children, Islam will flourish anywhere and will pose an existential threat to unbelievers. All the excuses, grievances and reasons given for the savagery of the jihadists and Islamofascists are side issues. It is Islam, that is the real problem. It is obvious that there is no cure, the only plausible answer is to separate them and encourage them to leave the West and live the life style they love. ( to be led blindly by illiterate clerics who still live in the 7th century). Leave non-Muslims alone to get on with their lives and there will be no conflict. We can get on fine without them. Once the Calif has been selected then he must have a Caliphate, Don't let Europe be that caliphate especially the UK.. Islam is a GEO-FASCIST IDEOLOGY with only one determination and that is world domination, if YOU are not a Muslim and have no intentions of converting to Islam then you will be classed as a non-believer/Kaffur/Infidel in which case the only fate that awaits you is certain death. If a woman commits adultery she must be stoned to death, If you steal anything your hand will be cut off, if you drink alcohol/take drugs/kiss your beloved you will endure 40 lashes in public, does this sound like the religion of peace?. Sharia law dictates how things MUST be. Muslims don't see democracy as the way forward, they only see the teachings of Mohammad and only he leads the way, our so-called ''man-made'' laws will be destroyed, and the Sharia introduced. Have no doubts what-so-ever that if this happens all that we have loved and all that our ancestors have given us will be lost for ever.
I-slam means peace by submission to God

The choice is yours........

Freedom or Oppression.!!!!!
Church or Mosque ?
Bible or Koran ?

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