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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

For the Love of your country.

A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, it is a principle;
and patriotism, is loyalty to that principle.
I am a Patriot
97 years ago, free men from this country rallied to a now well known call “Your Country Needs You”
From all walks of life, miners, sportsmen, doctors, servants, teachers and many other trades and professions too numerous to mention, all rallied to the colours, and, for King and Country they formed Kitcheners Army, and after forming the Pals battalions, travelled to the Killing fields in Northern France, as volunteers!
What was it that convinced them to do this? Was it money? land? Promises of wealth and power? Or something else? Something different? Something ....... powerful?
Yes, its true to say they went because some thought it was a great adventure, some because they thought they should help our friends across the sea, most went because they thought it would be over by Christmas and they didn’t want to miss out, but all went, because they thought it was their duty! And it was the right PATRIOTIC thing to do!
Fast forward to our country today, if a war broke out tomorrow, how many would rally to the colours??
And therein is my point, Patriotism is under attack from many sides, from Islam, from the Government, from the EU, but mostly, from apathy! Apathy from people who have been convinced, through Government spin, and media bias, to accept the premise that the products of the failed multicultural disaster around us, outweigh the benefits of a traditionally patriotic Nation.
As a patriot I am constantly reminded of the necessity to make people aware of the need to preserve our heritage, our culture and traditions, in short, our way of life! Which is disappearing at a rapid rate. Its worth remembering, that a culture is not imposed by people, a culture is a reflection of the people within it, if you change the people, you change a culture, which is what we see happening all around our country.........right now!
Almost 250 years ago, we were engaged in a war with colonists in America, who were fighting for justice and freedom, not for wealth, or land, but for the right to determine their own destiny, and to be able to choose the future for their descendants, much the same as we are now, in OUR own country! The similarity is startling, and isn’t it eerie that where once we were the oppressors, we have now become the oppressed??! And as Patriots, we find ourselves engaged in a fight to save our own culture and heritage, not from integration or control........... but from extinction!!
This is the reality of our time, and around us we see duplicitous activities aimed at dividing our Nationalist strength through devious back biting, and media suppression, no wonder that we still, even after all of the hard work by fellow Nationalists, find ourselves unable to affect the way in which political decisions are made and implemented in our own land, a land in which many of us, have defended through the armed forces, and some, even now, have paid the ultimate price for!
It truly is stunning, that since that war of independence almost 250 years ago, where men stood as Patriots to defend and implement their own form of government, we still insist on forcing ours on other sovereign Nations?? From high handed International Sanctions, to Illegal participation in foreign conflicts aimed at grabbing a foothold to secure natural resources such as OIL!
Have we learned NOTHING??
This is not just a thing that we as a Nation take part in, the same is being carried out on us at the moment, with sneaky unelected bureaucrats in Brussels determining what we do as a Nation, and how we do it, this is allowed by our own Government, as is the marginalising of our own traditional events and beliefs such as Christmas, and St Georges day, and even the flying of our own flag,  seen in some places as offensive!!! And more recently the decision to pass our re-patriated troops through back lanes and roads instead of the route they are honoured with at present, this to many is highly offensive, to me and many others, this is TREASON!!
A march in London last weekend has highlighted the biggest threat to our way of life there has ever been.
Anjem Chaudry and his Extremist faithful were calling for their own Sharia Law to be prevalent in certain cities in this country!
If allowed it would see, Alcohol, gambling & swearing banned in those areas, it would also see the implementation of the terrible, outdated and barbaric Sharia imposed by radical clerics and their followers, who would have the right to be judge & jury, this would involve a strict Muslim dress code and submission to the teachings of the Sharia as laid down in the Koran, incidentally, as accepted by radical Muslims already in this country in many places, an example would be the forced wearing of the Burkah by Muslim men upon females, in a modern civilised society, this 7th century cult behaviour is completely unacceptable, and should not only be protested against, but banned completely!!
Many argue that this will never happen..... but in the same sense, you could argue that we would have never thought anyone other than Cockneys would be born within the sound of Bow bells, and we all know now that is not the case! Indeed, go there, and see if you can find any, we did.....and FAILED!
If during the last war you would have said, in 60 years time, we would be driving a car made in Japan or Germany, or that all of our churches and pubs would be closing and replaced by Mosques, or even that the manager of the England team would be an Italian, they would have locked you up!!
There is a simple truth to be reckoned, and it’s this, that the unthinkable becomes possible when apathy and corruption in favour of power and career development by those in Government, and those who support them is allowed to run unabated.
Its been said recently that our numbers are falling, I don’t believe that, I believe our supporters are actually growing, we need only reach out and connect with them on a more personal level, face to face. The Government know this, and are doing their best to discredit and defame the cause of Nationalism around Europe, a recent example has seen the combined authorities in the European union desperately trying to link the Norwegian nutcase Anders Brevik to right wing groups in this country, and even now that it has been proved beyond doubt that he has no links, the media are still using the same language to suggest it!
Which brings me to my second point, we are all victims or victims in waiting of the unscrupulous activities of the Mass Media, we have recently been allowed a rare yet welcome glimpse into the dirty corrupt world of the gutter press, News International, responsible for misery and distrust the world over have finally been brought to question, but we must ask the question:
When these criminals are finally brought to court, will they be dealt with in the same way as our own Party have been? Even though we were speaking the truth?
It would appear in this country that freedom of speech only exists when you are seen to be speaking politically correct untruths, aimed at diluting the reality of our dire situation, in other words, unless you agree with the lies spewed out regularly from Westminster, don’t say anything, unless you like being called a racist, or a fascist.
For people who believe in true democracy, ask yourself one question, does it really exist?
I say no! Otherwise, our party would be allowed the same freedom and rights as all other parties to fair, equal and unbiased representation as a legitimate party, and unhindered neutral reporting of our activities, unlike our present situation where lies, supposition and inequality exist, but only for members of this party, this is why more people do not see these things? And most of us here have felt the harsh hand of failed democracy used against us......simply for speaking the truth to people, which is the greatest contradiction of all, the people, who ultimately choose the very democracy that is used against them to destroy their way of life!
Only one thing stands in their way, We of The British National Party, who for our Patriotism are demonised, distrusted & hated, look beyond the lies and hype though, and you will see true, honest, decent people with an unrivalled love for their country, it is not wrong to love your country these days, just unpopular!
I will finish with a quote:
"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot."
Mark Twain

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