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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Labour bowing down to Islam

 Ed Miliband has carried on where his pro-Muslim predecessors left off with this vote-chasing message to the growing Muslim voting block in Britain... 

On behalf of the Labour Party, I wish all Muslims around the world a peaceful and blessed Ramadan.
Ramadan is a time for self-reflection and sharing; of fasting and prayer. At this important time in the Islamic calendar, we are reminded particularly of the value of service of British Muslims, who make valuable contributions to our country. I know that British Muslims will honour this month with acts of charity, service and giving back to their local communities.
Serving our communities and working together in peace for the better of all is something that unites us as a British people, neighbours and friends, Muslim or non-Muslim. It is something that Britain has always valued highly – so that we and our children can continue to live in a country where people look after each other, look out for each other, care for each other and where compassion and responsibility to one another are valued.
During this month of prayer and reflection, I wish Muslims here in Britain and across the globe Ramadan Kareem.
Ed Miliband, Labour Leader

Miliband is pandering to the increasingly hostile Muslim occupation of our country with words that are nothing to do with the reality of the interaction we know with the Muslim communities.
He should be speaking out against the shocking outrages of the Muslim paedophile grooming of our children. 
He should be publicly condemning the extremists like Choudary and his ilk and pushing for the banning of the disgrace of an estimated 80 Sharia courts operating in Britain today.
He should be using all his power and influence to ban the disgusting practice of halal slaughter houses and, worse, the feeding of halal meat to our schoolchildren, elderly and hospitalised.
He should be championing the seemingly abandoned women's equal rights that no politicians, except those of the British National Party, even mention in today's society, where for the first time in a century we have religious segregation for women being practiced on our island.
He should be calling for a ban on the burka, following the bold and overdue moves of the French and the Austrians.
Only a British National Party government will stop the Islamification of Britain and bring true equality again to our beleaguered nation – and it cannot come soon enough.

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