Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Say NO to NATO by Kev Bryan.

"A National Front Government should withdraw Britain's membership of NATO".

Richard Edmonds National Front AGM 2015.

What follows is a transcript of a social media post by the former Chairman of the National Front, Mr Kevin Bryan, 

Too right we should, you only have to look at the sickening developments taking place now. ISIS blows up a Russian passenger airplane over Egypt. ISIS kills over 100 people in Paris terror attacks, Britain and Europe including Russia condem the attacks. Russia is destroying ISIS and Syrian Rebels in Syria. Britain, France & America send fighter planes to the region supposedly to help destroy ISIS. Russia, and rightly so wish to see Assad remain in power, Britain and America want Assad removed(in who's interest we may ask). Turkey bring down a Russian fighter plane, supposedly flying in Turkish airspace. ISIS or Syrian rebels (is there a difference?) slaughter the 2 Russian pilots. Syrian Rebels or ISIS destroy a Russian helicopter using brand new American equipment. President Putin and rightly so is fuming over all of this, what Russia's response will be, who knows? Turkey are members of NATO and if attacked Britain, America and other NATO members are compelled to support them. Three days after the attacks in Paris France invoked Article 42.7 of the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty. This article states that “if a Member State is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, the other Member States shall have towards it an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power.” It is the first time that an EU member state has invoked this clause. Of cause when France evoked Article 42.7 the idea was that it would be ISIS bringing armed Aggression on to the territory of member states. In just 2 weeks that has been turned full circle, Turkey a member state a Muslim country who's government supports ISIS brings down a Russian fighter plane that is over there to destroy ISIS ! Today all of our daily newspapers talk about how this could be the start of WW3, one even talks about Thermo nuclear war, they don't talk about it with an air of panic, they talk about it like we should expect it and accept it. Last night NATO General Secratery Stoltenburg(and with a name like Stoltenburg I think we can guess what he is) said NATO will stand firm behind Turkey if Turkey is attacked. So Britain could end up fighting on the side of an aggresive ISIS supporting Muslim country and yet only 2 weeks ago ISIS carried out devastating attacks in Paris! On the run up to Christmas there is every chance that ISIS could carry out terrorist attacks in Britain, Europe and other NATO member states, how this would add to the confusion. One has to ask, has this all been engineered? And in who's interest is it?

Regards Kev Bryan

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