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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How to pull your child out of RE lessons.

Don´t let this happen to your child! These unfortunate British children were forced by their school to visit a mosque and dress up as Muslims under the guise of ´religious education´. No-one has to stand for this wicked indoctrination.

Here´s the law, and what to do to stop it happening to your kids.

Parents have the absolute right under Section 25 of the 1944 Education Act and the 1988 Education Act  to withdraw their children from lessons in religious education. This includes lessons on Islam and school trips to mosques. If you wish to exercise this right all you have to do is write to the headteacher at any time.

Below there are 3 examples for parents to look at and to choose which letter to send to their childrens school. 

Above - Letter 1

Above - Letter 2

Dear Sir/Madam

I hereby give notice to you as Head Teacher that I wish to withdraw my child.............................................from all Religious Education lessons until further notice - as is my right under Section 25 ( 4 ) of the Education Act 1944 and under the Education Act 1988.

I wish you to take legal note of the fact that I do not wish my child to have any lessons, lectures, religious or social lessons that concern in particular Islam and all associated religious/secular lessons of a political or religious nature that in any way mention Islam either as a religion or as a social/political movement or presence in Britain.

Please confirm in writing that the school has removed my child from any and all of these religious lessons and that alternative education arrangements have been made to ensure my child is in a safe and secure environment whilst at school and not in those lessons whilst other children in his/her class or classes receive their Islamic indoctrination via the school as ordered by the British state.

Thank you for your assistance in securing my statutory rights.

Yours faithfully

Above - Letter 3

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