Saturday, 29 August 2015

White British girl commits suicide after being raped by a Muslim.

Mansood Mansouri dragged Ceri Linden off the street and raped her when she should be enjoying a night out with her friends. 

Ceri Linden was a bright 20 year old White British women, she was on a night out with her friends celebrating after landing an interview to finally get to University. She was dragged off the street and brutally raped by Mansood Mansouri, a Muslim, when the case went to court, Ceri could not face her attacker and sadly took an overdose of her Mothers Blood pressure tablets. Her Mother tried frantically for 45 minutes to resuscitate Ceri but unfortunately Ceri passed away.

Ceri was a mother herself to a 2 year old daughter, she had everything to live for until this monster changed all that. Ceri`s overdose came just 5 days after she got into a BMW that she thought was a taxi, she gave the driver the name of a bar that she wanted to be taken to, but instead the driver sped off and took her to his house where she was raped by Mansouri. Ceri gave the police a good description of her attacker but could not face him in court. In a video interview which was so distressing to Ceri`s Mother, she detailed just what had happened to her by Mansouri. She told the police how she managed to escape Mansouri who had gone to the toilet, she detailed how she had hid in bushes as he prowled the streets trying to find her. Ceri`s evidence was crucial and Mansouri was convicted and sentenced to just 13 years in jail.

You can read the full story here > 

Ceri Linden (RIP)

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