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Monday, 24 August 2015

White - British and Proud Rally held in Manchester.

Manchester was the host for a White British and Proud Rally.

On Saturday 22nd August around 90 White British Nationalists/Patriots celebrated the annual White British and Proud Rally in the centre of Manchester. Everyone started to arrive in the City at around 12pm onwards ready for a 2:30pm start. A Police Liaison officer advised the organisers to get everyone together and lined up for a short march across the road to the rally point. Once at the rally point at the Monument in Piccadilly Gardens there was a small gathering of Socialist Workers Party and the UAF, who had a cheap PA system which they thought would drown out the speeches of the Patriots, but it had little effect as you will view in video`s at the foot of this article. It has to be said that there was a large Police presence along with police horses due to what happened a week before in Liverpool when a very large flash mob attacked Nationalists.

There was a good variety speakers on the day and each one delivered some very passionate speeches each was with a different topic but they all had the same message to the passing members of the General Public, that this country is full, and that in many British towns and cities the White population are in the minority also there are many White British families living in Emergency accommodation whilst the Government and its paymasters concentrate on the mass influx of foreigners that are allowed to settle in Britain at the expense of the British Tax-payers.

During the speeches, a mob of Left-Wing, Anti-British useful idiots decided to throw an assortment of fruits including Bananas a Pineapple and also eggs were lobbed at the crowd of Patriots, the Police seemed un-concerned at this situation. The speeches lasted until around 3:30pm then the police decided to arrange for a bus company to escort the White Patriots to a place of safety so that they could make their way to their vehicles so that the could head to a private venue to host an evening social event, which included a buffet, a raffle, and a Nationalist Band. 

Above, Police escort the White Patriots to the rally point.

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