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Monday, 27 July 2015

National Front march and rally in Wakefield hailed a success.

On Saturday 25th July, the National Front held a march and a rally in the centre of Wakefield in West Yorkshire. More than 150 Nationalists/Patriots started to arrive in Wakefield at around 11am and made their way to the Wakey Tavern to meet and greet other Nationalists ready for the 1pm marchThe reason behind this was because people had to travel from far and wide, including Northern Ireland, South Wales, Scotland and of course from different parts of England, a couple of people had flown over from Canada and South Africa as well.
At around 12:45pm the police started to get a little nervous and asked for everyone to start and assemble outside, but they forgot that they had signed an agreement (MOU) with the Chairman. So at 12:50pm the call went out for everyone to assemble outside in preparation to march off at 1pm. The flag party started to get into position with 50 Union flags attached to their Javelin poles, the Drum Corps then positioned themselves ready for the off. At precisely 1pm the National Front along with its supporters then proceeded along Westmoreland Street towards the Bullring. There were more than 150 in the procession, regardless of what the Police and the Zionist media reported. There were a few section 35`s issued to members of the North West Infidels (NWI), due to the police saying that they had some information that they were involved in some kind of fracas in Rotherham the previous Saturday, the reason why police did this, it was to try and reduce the numbers, also, another 10 Nationalists were stopped at Leeds Railway Station and issued the same section 35 dispersal orders for the same reason to reduce the numbers.
The road to the Bullring was lined with the good people of Wakefield who gave a rapturous round of applause as the National Front marched to the rally point, once there everyone looked on as the speeches were delivered by Darren Lumb, Richard Edmonds and the National Front Chairman, Kevin Bryan. The Wakefield Labour party MP Mary Creagh made an appearance and was quickly told to go away simply because of the Labour Party agenda to flood Wakefield with immigrants via Angel Lodge Immigration on Love Lane behind Wakefield Prison. During the left wing, Communist `demo` OUTSIDE THE CATHEDRAL, a very prominent UAF Communist called Weyman Bennett was spotted trying to poison the minds of the people of Wakefield with his Anti-White message. Once the speeches at the Bullring had finished the National Front once again lined up to march back to the Wakey Tavern for a socialising event where Nationalists enjoyed each others company, the landlord was more than happy to facilitate this and they stayed there until around 6:30pm then everyone started to leave in the knowledge that what was achieved in Wakefield was the re-birth of the National Front, and there is talk that one day the National Front WILL return to Wakefield.

Above, everyone preparing to march off from the Wakey Tavern. 

Above - Kevin Bryan 

Above - Richard Edmonds.

Above - Darren Lumb. 

Above - The National Front `Coming down the road` 

Above - video footage of the National Front march. 

Above - footage of the speeches at the rally point.

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