Saturday, 18 July 2015

National Front - March and Rally in Wakefield.

The National Front have successfully applied for a march and a rally in the centre of Wakefield in West Yorkshire on Saturday 25th July at 1pm. Several negotiations have taken place with the National Front Chairman, Kevin Bryan and West Yorkshire Police Liaison team in the last few weeks and now everything has been agreed and the police are happy to facilitate it. 

The theme for this Nationalist event is :


A team of National Front members were in Wakefield on Saturday 18th July to conduct a day of action to promote the march and rally, and were busily engaged with the general public of Wakefield with over 800 leaflets being handed out. Invites have been sent out to ALL Nationalists/Patriots and to the public in general to attend this very important event. "There has been some tremendous response not only from Nationalists, but also from the good people from Wakefield, and this is the first time that the NF will be holding a political event like this since back in 2001" said Kev Bryan the National Front Chairman, 

What follows is the timeline of the day of action in Wakefield on Saturday 18th July. (taken from the West Yorkshire National Front Facebook page).
8:45am - West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire National Front members arrive in Wakefield.
9:00am - National Front members meet with the Chairman at Westgate Railway Station.

9:10am - Arrived at Cathedral to hand out 1000 leaflets.

During this time the general public were approaching the National Front members for a chat and to discuss the problems that they are facing on a daily basis, every NF member was courteous and polite while chatting to the public, at NO time did the public feel un easy with the NF`s presence, there was a good interaction.

10:am - Moved to the Bullring to engage further with the public, dozens of leaflets were handed out in this vicinity.
10:30am - Moved to Westmoreland Street once again good interaction with members of the public and more leaflets handed out, one lady actually asked for a dozen leaflets so she could take them home to hand to her friends. One gentleman was more concerned about how the rich are getting richer and the working class being downtrodden by the elite, he eventually took a leaflet, a group of lads approached the NF leaflet team and asked if we were there to promote the march, we said yes we were, they each took a leaflet and said that they would attend the march next week.
11:00am - Moved back to the Cathedral, the Communist party started to set their pasting table up while one of their own stood in the centre and began to intimidate the Saturday shoppers he also verbally abused the NF chairman with a torrent of expletives, more leaflets were handed out, 2 members of the NF leaflet team left and went home, the rest continued engaging with the public, only an handful of disgruntled shoppers refused our leaflets, this was due to the Communist party spreading utter lies.
11:30am - END OF DAY OF ACTION, a count was made of the remaining leaflets and 837 leaflets were handed out to the very responsive public.
Kevin Bryan pointed out that every White Patriot that wishes to attend this event can do so but they will be marching under the National Front banner and he also said that everyone must be smartly dressed, either smart casual or in suits, "This is a very important event for the National Front and I expect every Patriot to be well presented, we will be having a Nationalist Drum Corps leading the march and a Union Flag party, it will be an impressive display to say the least and we will be in the public spotlight, so everything must be spot on, we have Nationalists coming from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and of course from England, we may see some old friends coming from the United States and Europe as well" said Kevin.

Above, front and back of the leaflet that was distributed in Wakefield. 

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