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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nationalists pay respects to victims of Communism in London.

Pictured above the Wreath placed by Nationalists at the memorial for the victims of Communism.

On Sunday 1st March 2015, a contingent of Nationalists gathered at the memorial to the victims of Communism, at Thurloe Place in South Kensington, London to pay their respects. The memorial is for the millions of Cossacks who were betrayed at the end of the second world war and were sent to Gulags to their certain deaths, committed by Jewish Bolsheviks in the name of Communism. The memorial event was organised by Jez Turner from the London Forum, who also presented the Laurel wreath to be placed at the foot of the memorial. Speeches were conducted by Jez Turner and by veteran Nationalist Richard Edmonds, and a minutes silence was observed.

Pictured above, British Army veteran Jez Turner.

Pictured above Jez Turner delivering his speech.

Pictured above veteran Nationalist Richard Edmonds delivering his speech. 

Above just click the link to watch footage of the memorial service. 

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