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Saturday, 28 February 2015

North East National Front attend PEGIDA UK rally in Newcastle.

A large demonstration by the phenomenal anti Islam movement PEGIDA was held in Newcastle on February 28th.

On Saturday 28th February 2015, around 35 members of North East National Front attended the PEGIDA UK rally in the centre of Newcastle to join hundreds of other British Patriotic groups from around the country to peacefully protest about the Islamification of Europe and Britain. NF members travelled from; Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Durham to be apart of this protest and to promote White Nationalism.

When the controlled gutter press saw the NF flags and banners amongst the protesters, they swooped like vultures to find out why the NF were in attendance and what they were about. North East Regional Organiser, Simon Biggs, gave quite a few interviews to a large variety of media outlets, including, RT News, Sky News and BBC News, he even gave a couple of interviews to the 2 largest newspapers in the North East, namely The Northern Echo and The Chronicle. Most reports in the biased media suggest only 400 Patriots managed to attend, but accordingly to reliable sources that figure is much greater, the usual left wing which was supported by the Labour Party and a few Trade Unions managed to usurp the local Universities and Colleges to garner support for their opposition and show their support for the Muslim community in and around the North East, which has been blighted by numerous crimes of abuse upon young White girls carried out by Muslims, (so you can see where the Labour Party's loyalties lie). The opposition was also attended by Marxists who hold severe Anti-British sentiments and in their support for this opposition they must support the ongoing atrocities that are being carried out by ISIS across the Middle East and they must also support the wanton heinous crimes against the White British. After around 2 hours the protest was brought to a close and everyone headed home, the police said 5 people were arrested on a number of offences.

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