Thursday, 19 February 2015

White Mother forced out of her home in shocking RACIST campaign.

Pictured above Sammie Sunter.

Sammie Sunter was forced out of her home after a `unknown person` told her "This area is Black so F**K OFF

A young Mother has become the victim of a vile Racist campaign after her front door was covered with faeces and a letter was posted through her letterbox saying that her home was for "Black brother and sisters" Sammie was staggered to find the note also had a drawing of a gun on it and a Racist slur for a White person, while graffiti was daubed across her front door, Miss Sunter, 24, made the shocking discovery just days after moving into her new flat in Willenhall, Coventry with her two young boys, the note also stated that "Willenhall is Black so F**K OFF" while the word "OYINBO" which is of Nigerian origin and is slang for White person was also written.
West Midlands Police say that they are treating the attack as Racially Aggravated Criminal Damage and that the incident was being taken `very seriously`
Housing Association, Whitefriars, which own the flats has confirmed that there has been a previous incident at the address. Sammie who lives with her two sons Harvey Anderson, 2, and Oscar, 5, said "I had to try and explain the word Racism to my five year, Its just not acceptable, I said that whoever had done it was African, and he wanted to know why they hated us, he didn't really understand".

Pictured above just one of the vile notes that was posted through the letterbox. 

Sammie went on to say "If we are equal what gives the person responsible the right to do that, I had to tell him that whoever was responsible was going to get punished, but who knows if that will happen ?"

Sammie works as an hairdresser has now found a new property and is getting ready to move in, she said that she had lived in Willenhall for 15 years and had never experienced anything like it before.

Pictured above the front door of Sammie`s home. 

She carried on to say that "These people make Willenhall out to be some kind of GHETTO, they say its their area when its not, there`s a frail old White man living in the flat below, the whole point of this is just not right, im just not going to sit there and take it, I had to have a Police escort away from my property and I knew that I was being watched, you have to hold your head up high and its disgusting, Whitefriars were the first people that I contacted when this happened, and when I told them what had happened they assured me that it wouldn't happen again, I think they have allowed this to happen again, if its happened before and they neglected to inform me then they have put my children in danger". 

Pictured above the vile racist notes shoved through the letterbox.

Police say that they have made door-to-door enquiries and that forensics are studying the note and that their officers are liaising with Whitefriars.
Carmel McCarthy, Director of housing and neighbourhood services, said "There had been a previous incident reported at the property which we passed onto the police for investigation, we closely monitor these events and in this case it appeared to be a one-off incident, as soon as Miss Sunter drew this incident to our attention we offered her another home which she will be moving into shortly, we have been working closely with Miss Sunter and with the police on this incident and will continue to do so".

Pictured above the front page of the Coventry Telegraph. 

Above, short video of Sammie describing her terrible ordeal. 

Final Thought.

This will not be a one-off incident as Carmel McCarthy has said, she has a very short memory, Enoch Powell in his now famous `RIVERS OF BLOOD` speech mentioned about an incident of the very same nature, when an elderly White lady was the victim of the same tirade of insults and graffiti back in the 1960`s, when Black immigrants had come to Wolverhampton and forced the White Indigenous folk to leave the area which their ancestors had built and preserved for their descendants. No White Indigenous people of this land should have to be put through this type of degradation by peoples who don`t belong here.  

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