Sunday, 25 January 2015

National Front hold flash demonstration in Hartlepool.

Above, National Front members outside the Islamic Community Centre.

 On January 24th 2015 a call went out to National Front members to attend a flash demonstration in Hartlepool in the North East of England.

North East Regional Organiser Mr Simon Biggs and the National Front Chairman Mr Kevin Bryan put a call out to members and supporters of the National Front to attend a flash demonstration in Hartlepool to highlight the growing concern of what was once a Community Centre for the Indigenous population of Hartlepool and has now been taken over by the Muslim community at the behest of the local Labour Party Council. Everyone turned up at a pre-arranged RV point in the town at 12pm, once they were at the RV point they walked a short distance to the community centre situated on Murray Street. A number of well written leaflets were handed out to the public who were in the vicinity even to locals who were in the local amenities opposite the Islamic Centre. After a short while the police turned up and started to ask a few questions and take a few details. The police were told that the demonstration is of a peaceful nature and that the attendees were of sound character and no drinking was to be allowed before or during the protest. The police asked how long the protest would last and if the National Front would be staying in the town, their questions were answered in a polite manner by Simon Biggs, who told the Police that the National Front would be there for a few hours until the cold set in or until all the leaflets were handed out to the public to which the police agreed to facilitate. After around 45 minutes it was agreed that everyone would move off to the centre of town to hand out more leaflets and to engage with the public even more. One Police officer was heard to say that he will instruct a couple of officers to accompany the National Front to the centre of town for their `safety`. Once at the designated area in the centre of Hartlepool the National Front members positioned themselves to hand out leaflets to the public. A good interaction with the public was observed and the public were very responsive with the information they were being told, during the day a number of enquiries were made by the members of the public on how to join the only Nationalist party in Britain. At around 2:30pm over 1000 leaflets were handed out and it was time for the National Front members to head to a local working mens club to reflect on the days activity. A buffet was arranged and laid out for everyone to enjoy whilst they chatted about the protest, there was some positive feed back from all who attended saying that the public were very grateful that the National Front had turned up and make a stand against the Islamification of Hartlepool.

Above, the front and back of the leaflet that was handed out to the public.

Above, Some of the National Front members.

Above, The placards say it all. 

Above, National Front members from Durham unfurl their banner in the working mens club.

Above, video from outside the Islamic Community Centre.

Above, National Front members engaging with the public in the centre of Hartlepool.

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