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Monday, 26 January 2015

Another successful protest in Dover.

Above, some of the Patriots in Dover.

January 25th 2015 saw another Patriotic alliance at the Port of Dover.

On January 25th 2015 a number of Patriotic groups came together and formed an alliance to demonstrate against the increasing amount of illegal immigrants that are coming to Dover from Calais in France, these immigrants, mainly from Africa are harassing British truck drivers and stowing away upon their trucks, the authorities in France and indeed Britain are very reluctant to stop this invasion, and in return are issuing British truckers with extortionate fines of around £4000 per immigrant they find onboard their vehicles, so a call went out for ALL Patriotic groups including the National Front (NF), the South East Alliance (SEA) the English Volunteer Force (EVF) the East Kent English Patriots (EKEP) and the Scottish Defence League (SDL) to descend on the Port of Dover and make a stand. The RV point was Russell Car Park at 11am onwards and the mile or so march to the port started at 1pm, but while the Patriots were at the RV point a number of extreme far Left thugs turned up carrying ANTIFA flags and banners, they started to throw bricks and concrete at the Patriots, around 12 Patriots were ambushed by around 40 of these left wing thugs who coincidently were wearing masks to conceal their identities, the Police were very reluctant to stop these left wing cowards and allowed them to attack the Patriots 4 of whom were women. After about 2 hours of protesting the Patriots were heavily outnumbered by ANTIFA who were still being allowed to roam wild by the police, one police officer was overheard to say "If you had liaised with the Police then this opposition would not have happened, but because you didn`t liaise you get what you deserve" 

During the 2 hours the Patriots re-grouped and proceeded to walk a further 50 yards but the far left ANTIFA managed to stop the Patriotic march, so the Patriots took another route and were once again under attack with bricks and concrete raining down on them, a punch up was witnessed between Patriots and the Left wing then the police eventually intervened, the Patriots finally made it to the Port were speeches were delivered amongst a chorus of truckers sounding their horns in support of the Patriotic protest.

A comment was left on the South East Alliance Facebook page and you can read it below:

Above, a short video of one of the speeches at the protest, watch for the Left Wing opposition being allowed to roam freely.

Above, newly released footage of Communist scum ANTIFA opposing the Patriots in Dover. Most
probably the same bunch of state sponsored cretins that stole  the National Fronts Poppy Wreaths from the Cenotaph last November and subsequently made a video of themselves burning the Poppy Wreaths. One wonders if the Police will be taking snapshots of the faces in this video to investigate.

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