Wednesday, 5 November 2014

White male beaten by Moslem taxi drivers

Three former Peterborough private hire taxi workers could face jail after a vicious assault on a man at their firm’s offices.

Waqas Farooq, his brother Waqar Farooq and Arar Akhtar launched the brutal attack in the early hours of Sunday, 5 May 2013 at the A2B taxi firm in Peterborough city centre.

Victim Rikki Moore suffered cuts and bruises in the assault, which saw the trio use a metal bar as well as punch and kick their victim.
They were given until the end of April to raise £750 compensation each, or they will be jailed.
Claire Matthews, prosecuting, told Peterborough Crown Court: “Brothers David and Rikki Moore went to A2B taxies. About a year before Rikki had a disagreement with the firm for having failed to pay a fare.
“He waited outside while David booked the taxi.

“After a while two men came out and pointed at Rikki, making threats to him.
“They pushed him against the wall, and then forced him to the ground.”
Miss Matthews said he was taken into a room, where he was then assaulted, including being hit in the back with a metal pole.

His brother tried to help, and was also struck in the struggle, but he managed to call 999.
Miss Matthews added that witnesses saw the attack, taking place.
She added: “Police went to the taxi office, and were aware of CCTV there. They asked to see it, but staff said there was no-one available who could show them the footage.
“They were asked to come back later in the week, but it had been deliberately deleted.”
Waqar (20) and Waqas (23), both of Harris Street have a history of violent offending, including convictions for assault, affray and possession of a weapon.
The court heard Akhtar (31) of Cromwell Road, had a more limited record, which included a conviction for possession with intent to supply a class B drug.
Judge Sean Enright said he had previously indicated all three defendants would face a jail term, but said it could be avoided if compensation was made available to the victims.
Investigation to start after case

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said an investigation, carried out by the taxi licencing team, would take place once the court case had been concluded.
He said there were no rules or regulations about how long CCTV footage should be kept for after an incident.

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