Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Homeless "spikes" outside Labour Party HQ.

There is a White homeless man who for some time has pitched his night time cardboard box hard against a building for warmth.

He is harmless, he has a wonderful, well-tempered dog who sleeps against him for warmth. Recently, new stones have been laid along the base of the building to prevent him from trying to get some rest and shelter from the elements, down the slope. They are in a wave pattern and their only purpose seems to have been to move on the homeless man and his dog.

The building is One Brewers Green, Southwalk in London, headquarters of the Labour Party, and to no ones surprise, the Labour Party have denied any involvement in the implementation of these stones to prevent the homeless from sleeping outside their headquarters. This White homeless man could be an ex serviceman,  who gave his best to serve his country, but has been sadly let down and thrown on the proverbial scrapheap after he had been used and abused by the powers that be.


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