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Monday, 17 November 2014

South Wales National Front oppose Islamic march in Newport.

A call to all Patriots to get to Newport to oppose the annual Islamic march was answered by South Wales National Front on Sunday 15th November 2014.

The local authorities had given the go-ahead for this march because they were told by the Muslim leaders it was a `celebration` to honour the martyred Grandson of Mohammed who was killed some 1300 years ago, but a representative of SWNF said "It was nothing more than a show of strength and a political statement to tell the local Welsh people that they were here and that they were here to stay, and that these Muslims were indeed flexing their muscles and that it was nothing more than an invasion"

As the hundreds of Muslims, some of who were bearing their naked upper bodies and thumping their chests in some kind of ritual war dance, marched along the road, South Wales National Front members unfurled their banners, Welsh Flags and National Front flags and held a counter protest, shouts of "THESE ARE OUR STREETS" were chanted, within minutes, Police and private security firms encircled the Patriots and formed a barrier while they handed out dispersal orders forcing the Patriots to leave the area and not return within a set length of time, stopping their right to free speech.

Even though this demo had been called at such short notice, the Patriots still achieved a decent turnout as you will see by the photo`s below.

South Wales National Front blocking the march.

Police handing out dispersal orders.

The Left-wing South Wales Echo with a biased report in favour of the Muslims.

This wasn`t the only Muslim march in Britain, there were countless other marches across the country, one imparticular was the one in Heckmondwike in West Yorkshire, hundreds of Muslims were allowed to march freely again beating their bare chests. Luckily footage of this march was captured.

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