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Friday, 21 November 2014

Poppy Wreath stolen from War Memorial.

Poppy Wreath which was laid by members of Hull National Front has been stolen from Hull War memorial.

A Poppy Wreath which was placed at the War Memorial in Hull by members of the Hull branch of The National Front has been removed/stolen from the memorial. A Labour Party Councillor called George McManus has been mentioned as the alleged culprit and he has been contacted about this incident but as of yet he has not responded to either accept responsibility or deny the offence, and until he does respond to several emails this article will remain `live`. One particular email was sent by the National Front Chairman, Mr Kevin Bryan to the Leader of Hull Council Pat O`Neil, which can be read here:

Councillor Dear Councillor O'Neil,
Could you please explain why you feel you had the right to remove the wreath laid on behalf of the National Front.
The wreath was laid in an act of remembrance to all the brave soldiers that gave their life.
By removing the wreath you have committed the criminal act of theft and this will today be reported to the Police.
Your actions disgust me.
Kevin Bryan

National Front 

And another email was sent by Darren Lumb, a National Front activist:

Dear Councillor

It has come to my attention that one of your councillors has removed the Poppy Wreath from the War Memorial in Hull placed there by members of The National Front. You may or may not be aware that the laying of Wreaths on Remembrance Day has no political bearing whatsoever, they are laid as a mark of respect to remember and honour our fallen, who so bravely gave their lives in battle. Your Councillor who has taken it upon himself/herself to remove this wreath has shown utter contempt and disrespect towards the memory of The fallen servicemen and women of Hull. Im disgusted at the wanton theft of a Poppy Wreath by one of your councillors from the memorial, absolutely disgusted. I trust you will act accordingly and replace the wreath back upon the memorial forthwith and that the council make a public announcement apologising to the good people of Hull and also to the Hull branch of The National Front. I will look forward to your response.


Mr D Lumb

West Yorkshire

National Front.

Labour Party Councillor, George McManus.

Labour Party Councillor, Pat O`Neil.

Final thought.

To steal a Poppy Wreath from a Town`s War Memorial is an abhorrent act of both betrayal and down right disgusting, the perpetrators should be publicly named and shamed and if the perpetrator is that of a elected Labour Party Councillor then he/she should be forced to resign at once and brought before the courts. This article will remain `live` until a response has been received by the Chairman, if the person named in this article is innocent of this disgusting act, then this article will be removed. 

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