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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Nationalists Against Groomers demo:Newcastle.

Once again, the National Front in the North East have had to organise a demonstration against the ongoing problem with Muslim grooming gangs.

Saturday 4th October, at 1pm a demonstration will take place at Grays Monument in Newcastle Town Centre to highlight the ongoing problem with Muslim Grooming Gangs, so far a total of 122 Muslims have been arrested and only 22 have been charged (scource: Operation Sanctuary).
A call has gone out to all NF branches to urge their members and supporters to attend, a call has also gone out to all Nationalist groups to show support.

The last time the National Front held a demonstration in Newcastle was back in May of this year (2014) and they had terrific support, over 100 attended with NO opposition whatsoever, the public were very responsive and the demo lasted for over 2 hours. The Chairman of the NF, Mr Kevin Bryan is hoping that Saturdays demo will attract even more Nationalists and supporters. We have all heard about the atrocious happenings in Rotherham, with over 1400 young White girls who have been systematically gang raped by hordes of Muslim men, and one day real justice will prevail. Newcastle is now the "hotbed" for these heinous crimes and with the National Fronts constant protests across the country these young girls will get justice. 

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