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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Patriots united at Dover protest.

Around 60 Patriots descended upon the Port of Dover, September 27th to highlight the ongoing problems with illegal immigrants trying to cross the English Channel. The Patriots were giving support for the thousands of truck drivers who, by no fault of their own are being targeted by immigrants who try and clamber aboard their vehicles. A truck driver faces an extortionate fine of £2000 per immigrant that is found on his trailer. A number of Patriotic groups including, The National Front, South East Alliance, East Kent English Patriots and The Scottish Defence League mustered at the Castle car park and at 1pm they all made their way to the Eastern Dock Port of Dover, the police allowed the march to proceed on the main road for about a mile, everyone was in a jubilant mood, with many of the Patriots holding banners and flags. On the opposite side of the road the traffic started to slow down and blast their horns in support for the march. Behind the procession was a large queue of lorries, who were on their way to the ferry terminals. The drivers of these lorries were also sounding their horns in support for the Patriots.

Lorries begin to queue up as the march takes effect.

The local residents lined the side of the road and applauded and cheered as the march went by. Once at the roundabout, there was a wall of media attention, one news crew had even attended from Poland. At the roundabout a call went out for everyone to take part in a "sit down protest" which in all fairness the police were happy to facilitate, a number of news crews from around Britain were also in attendance and were interviewing Patriots, After about 45 minutes the "Sit down Protest" ended and passionate speeches were then delivered. About 20 minutes later, the police asked the organisors of the Patriots to start and get everyone together and to start and make their way back to the "start point". A slow walk by the Patriots then proceeded around the main roundabout that caused a queue of lorries on every junction that led towards the roundabout, the noise from the truckers horns began to resinate across the Port of Dover, the march then proceeded back towards the "start point", the Patriots then started to sing, "Britain is full, Britain is full, enough is enough, Britain is full" which led to the public that had lined the road to applaud. The police were in jovial spirits also, they were talking to the Patriots and were happy that no arrests had been made and that no one tried to infiltrate the march to cause trouble.

The sit down protest begins.

A Dover resident joins the protest.

Patriots walking back to the start point.

Great view of the White Cliffs of Dover overlooking the protest.

Heading back.

A fantastic show of unity and support for the truckers.

One of many banners that were on display.

Final Thought

This Patriotic show of support for the truckers must now gather momentum and show the Government that they MUST do something about the plight of truckers, and that the Government MUST engage in talks with the French Authorities to put an end to the illegal immigration problem. 

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