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Sunday, 6 April 2014

White Pride UK Day in Swansea hailed a success.

White Pride Day in Swansea was hailed a success.

On Saturday 5th April around 80 White Nationalists, Patriots and ordinary members of the public joined a rally at Castle Gardens in the centre of Swansea at 12:00pm to celebrate a very well organised White Pride Day. White people came from every single country in 'Great' Britain including a couple from the USA. Speeches were delivered and were well received by the well behaved audience. Mr Adam Lloyd, one of the event's organisers asked that everyone in attendance to bow their heads in silence to remember the ones who had given so much in 2 fracticidal Brothers Wars in the 20th Century, and for the victims of racial murder, while this was being respectfully observed, the opposition consisting of Labour Party Councillors, students, Trade Union officials, and  ANTIFA screamed obscenities and tried their best to disrupt the silence, when the silence was observed the Police lines were infiltrated by two left wing activists one proceeded towards a loyal Patriot and stole his White Pride flag, and the other tried in a failed attempt to snatch the handbag of a female Patriot, these were subsequently arrested by the Police and they will probably be given a liberal caution ''not to do it again''. After the rally, lasting one hour as agreed with the Police and the organisers it was time to leave the area, but the Police had come up with a ludicrous idea of wanting everyone to leave in ''ones and two's'' down an ally behind Swansea Castle, leaving them to be ''picked off'' by cowardly gangs of ANTIFA, the call went out for everyone to stay together as a single unit and for the Police to do their jobs properly to ensure the safety of the large group. The Police escorted the group along the ally down to a public house where they could have drinks and to reflect on the success of the days events, but after a while the far left trouble seekers tried to start a fight but came off considerably worse and were 'evicted' faster than they entered.
Discussions were held about next years White Pride Day and a location agreed on, which will be announced later in the year once negotiations have been conducted with the revelant authorities.

Final thought
This is the second year White Pride has been celebrated in the UK and both occasions have well attended and hailed a success, this needs to continue and with the right location and area it will attract even more White people.

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  1. It was good to see you in Abertawe. There is always talk of unity, but this event was unity in action. Well done to all involved.