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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Get ready January 1st is almost upon us.

January 1st is generally a new beginning of a prosperous new year in Britain.

This January 1st will see Britain's gates flung wide open to a massive influx of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria, but Britons are being spoonfed lies and propaganda from the same EU rhetoric that these people are economic migrants and they will be good to bolster Britain's economic recovery, when in actual fact the majority of this fresh wave of immigrants will be sleeping rough on the streets of Britain due to the housing shortage, that said, the left wing Labour Party councils across Britain will bend over backwards to make sure they have enough houses to accommodate the 'new arrivals' by way of evicting the White Britons from their homes when they default on their rents and the 'Bedroom Tax'.

Final Thought.
While ever our people keep shoving Fluoride, Aspartame and all the other brain controlling chemicals down their throats they will never get off their backsides and vote for a Nationalist party that will deal with all this forced immigration, instead they are too busily engaged in the dumbing down process of their own materialistic worlds to even care or bother about their children's and grandchildrens future, in just a few days time our tiny island will be inundated yet AGAIN, but this time from the waif's and strays,murderers, rapists, pickpockets, thieves and general vagabonds from Bulgaria and Romania, and when OUR people start and feel like they are suffocating and being treated like 2nd class citizens in their OWN homeland, when they can't get a Council house, the NHS waiting list system is at breaking point, they can't get their child into nursery because the place is already full of immigrant children, they can't get jobs because immigrants have got them because employers know they will work longer hours for less pay, when our people are sick and tired of seeing immigrant beggars in every shopping precinct and in every town centre, then they might just start and do something about it, but until they stop their daily intake of Fluoride, Aspartame and other chemicals that the Elitists are forcing them to take then NOTHING will get done..

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