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Friday, 22 November 2013

Left Wing oppose Patriots in Wakefield.

On Saturday 23rd November various groups of the Left Wing that oppose any sort of Patriotism in Britain plan to descend on the historical City of Wakefield.

Various groups of the Left Wing have planned a counter demonstration in the City of Wakefield in West Yorkshire due to the EDL having a demonstration, various Divisions of the EDL have arranged this demonstration because of the ever increasing Islamification of the City, also because of the violent attack on the Yorkshire Regional Organiser of the EDL Gail Speight, which she succumbed to a fractured jaw by Muslims. A court case was held at Leeds Crown Court and the Jury found the Muslims who were accused of the attack NOT GUILTY. The demonstrations will be taking place in close vicinity of each other due to the geographical layout of Wakefield, the Left Wing will be holding what they call a "peaceful" gathering at the top of Westgate, and the EDL are holding their protest close to the Cathedral. Screenshots have been received by The Nationalist Correspondant of the Left Wing organisations involved and have been published in this article. You will see that local Labour Party MP's , Mary Creagh and John Trickett will also be attending. John Trickett is number 9 on the UAF's founding signatures alongside the Prime Minister David Cameron.
The Vice Chairman of the UAF is no other than AZAD ALI, who campaigns to turn Europe and Britain into an Islamic Caliphate, Michael Adebolajo the "alleged" killer of Drummer Lee Rigby was also a prominent figure in the UAF, he can be viewed on YouTube spouting his anger towards Patriots in London in 2009.

The Nationalist Correspondant will be writing another article about the Demonstrations in Wakefield in a few days time including photographs of the days events.

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