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Friday, 20 September 2013

National Front in Rochdale.

The National Front held a ''flash demo'' outside Rochdale Town Hall in the North West of England on September 19th.

Around 20 members of the National Front rallied to a call to hold a demonstration outside Rochdale Town Hall to show their disgust at the Council for allowing the BBC to film Question Time inside the building, among the guests on the panel was no other than the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman MP. The same Harriet Harman who years ago was involved in an organisation called PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE (P.I.E), she also campaigned to lower the age of consent to 14.
The National Front members stood fast in the atrocious weather conditions voicing their outrage at Harman and the Labour Councillors for even being in Rochdale due to the years of neglect that the Council have shown towards the young White girls that have been systematically drugged and raped by Muslim paedophiles in the town over many years. One gentleman who lives in the Rochdale area and  who attended the demo but wished to keep himself anonymous expressed his deep concern, he told the Nationalist Correspondant how his 13 year old daughter was ''groomed'' by Muslims in the town, he went on to say that the ones who violated his daughter we're charged, found guilty and subsequently sent to prison for less than 4 years and are now back in Rochdale, his daughter is now 18 years old and is still receiving counseling to this day.
A speech was made by the Chairman of the National Front, Mr Kevin Bryan, he spoke of how Rochdale Council had let down the White British girls of Rochdale and that the National Front has a policy to bring back hanging for ALL child molesters and child killers. Greater Manchester Police we're in attendance and no trouble was witnessed. When the hand picked audience for Question Time had left the building then the National Front members left Rochdale.

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