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Monday, 9 September 2013

National Front campaign in Wakefield.

Around 50/60 members of the National Front held a demonstration in Wakefield on Saturday 7th September, to oppose Angel Lodge immigration centre on Love Lane behind Wakefield Prison.

Full length video of the days event.

After everyone had turned up at the meeting point at Wakefield Westgate train station they moved to the immigration centre a short walk away, once they arrived they unveiled flags and banners, the staff at the immigration centre came out and proceeded to lock the gates, it was decided it was a good idea just to take photographs at the immigration centre as there we're no members of the public to witness the demonstration, so the National Front members made their way to the City centre.
For the next two hours the National Front handed out 1500 leaflets and gave speeches to the very responsive public. The public we're taking leaflets and applauding the speakers, with one Lady shouting ''Why should I have to pay for that place and why have Wakefield Council not informed us about it''. Only 6 police officers we're on duty while the demonstration was taking place, and they we're happy to stand on the sidelines and keep a close eye on the days events.

 Around 2pm everyone collected their belongings and left the area and the consensus of the members was that they had a successful afternoon. A venue was arranged for a meeting, the management we're more than pleased to facilitate the meeting. Just before the meeting commenced a young mother, who was in the family room approached several members of the NF and asked for a bit of advice and told an harrowing story about her 3 year old daughter, she said that when she took her daughter to nursery class a week before, she was not only furious but disappointed in the school because her daughter was the ONLY English girl in her class, and she asked if she could sit in the meeting to listen and learn more about the National Front which was agreed.

After the meeting the Chairman of the National Front, Mr Kevin Bryan thanked all the members for turning up, some of whom had traveled from : Newcastle, Leeds, Kent, Scarborough, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, and the Wakefield District.

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