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Sunday, 4 August 2013


Saturday 3rd August members and supporters of the National Front met in Manchester City Centre.

The National Front descended in Manchester City Centre on Saturday to hand out leaflets and demonstrate about the ever increasing mass immigration that is now over populating the city, Saturday shoppers we're very responsive towards the National Front members and supporters they we're taking leaflets and enquiring about membership one Gentleman was heard saying "Its great to see and hear the NF back on the streets, I agree with everything they do, this is my country and its being ruined by all this immigration and its the politicians that are to blame for getting us in the EU, im sick of it".
During the day the Anti-British organisation, The Socialist Workers Party decided that they would try and disrupt the National Front's peaceful demonstration, they we're shouting the usual slogans towards the National Front but the it back fired because the public could see what they we're trying to do, and the public turned against the SWP, things got a bit confrontational (as you will see with the photos below), the Police came along and kept a close eye on the days events. A former Soldier was confronted by a very dis-respectful woman, who looked and sounded like she was the mouth piece for the SWP but she was quickly put back in her place, after a tense stand off the SWP decided they had lost the day to the National Front and fled the city centre leaving the National Front to continue with their activities.

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