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Friday, 26 July 2013

Freeman refuses to pay Council Tax.

On Tuesday 23rd July one of our Nationalist reporters traveled to Hartlepool in the North East to witness proceedings at the Civil court.
Most of the cases that day we're for non-payment of the Council Tax.
Everything seemed to be ''cut and dry'' with the Magistrate's and the Council, four (4) defendants, each in their turn after being summoned before the Magistrate we're ordered to pay their debt of the Council Tax and an additional £60 cost plus £10 administration costs we're added to the liability order, until one Gentleman (he will remain nameless on this blog to protect his identity for obvious reasons) was summoned before the Magistrate's, he remained seated when asked to stand and tell the court his name, the Clerk of the Court asked the defendant his name but to the courts surprise he said he was the Lay Representative of the Legal Fiction and produced a Birth Certificate of the persona who was summoned to answer the Council Tax debt, the Clerk of the Court was taken aback when a Birth Certificate was handed to her, she asked the Lay Representative what was happening, so the Lay Representative quite simply said ''The document in which you are holding is the Legal Fiction of the persona whom you have called before this court today, and I am the Lay Representative of the Legal Fiction, the name on that document''. The Clerk wouldn't accept the fact that what the Lay Representative was saying she handed to document to the Magistrate's on the bench, the Magistrate said that a liability order had been made to collect the Council Tax, but what he failed to do was produce the liability order. After about 20 minutes of  a stand off with both Lay Representative and the Magistrate's, the Clerk of the Court called for security to remove the Lay Representative by force, two security guards entered the courtroom and we're ordered to remove the Lay Representative but a member of the public sitting in the public gallery stood up and said to the private security guards that they didn't have any jurisdiction in the Courtroom and if they physically touched the Lay Representative then they could be liable for assault, in which they decided to give a wide birth they asked if the Lay Representative was going to leave the Court and the reply they got was ''No''.
The Lay Representative asked the Magistrate's if they had taken an Oath and if so could they produce it, the Magistrate's couldn't and wouldn't produce their Oath so the Lay Representative asked the private security to arrest the Magistrate's because he strongly believed they we're impostors and we're in working on behalf of the Council to worm money out of ordinary working class people. The Lay Representative went on to say that Hartlepool is not a wealthy town in fact it is quite poor and the Council demand Council Tax that is out of their reach, he also said that at least £300 out of everyones Council Tax goes towards paying for Councillors private pensions. Due to the fact that the Magistrate's inability to produce their Oaths the Lay Representative declared that he was the highest authority in the courtroom and dismissed the case and walked out to a round of applause from the public gallery.

A complaint was made to the local Police about the Magistrates failure to abide by a lawful request to produce their Oaths, the Inspector of the Police station did say that in his knowledge that if only one Magistrate was sitting on the bench then he/she would be a Stipendury Magistrate meaning they received money for the job, but if 3 are sitting on the bench they are usually Lay Magistrates with no Legal experience and would be from the local community and that he would look at the complaint.

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  1. What a great piece, well done from all at then PCF,
    We are Nationalists.