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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Stop child 'grooming' in Castleford & Normanton.

Saturday, January 12th saw around 70/80 Nationalists, Patriots and Parents come together under one banner 'CONCERNED PARENTS AGAINST CHILD GROOMING' in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Everyone descended in Castleford Town centre to hand out 5,000 leaflets to the public to highlight the ever growing problem of child grooming that is sweeping this country at a colossal rate. Underage girls, some just 11 years old have been subjected to disgusting acts of sexual abuse by owners of either taxi firms and/or takeaways. The public we're very responsive to the brave leafleters, asking questions and willing to take handfuls of leaflets to give to their neighbours, friends and family, some of the questions that the public we're asking we're ''How long as this been going on in Castleford ?'', and one irate Father was overheard to say ''If anyone touches my daughter, then they had better go into hiding because he will wish he wasn't born''. An elderly couple approached one of the leaflet teams and we're curious as to why there was an heavy Police presence and lots of people handing out leaflets, so politely they we're told that there is a problem in Castleford & Normanton by some members of the Muslim community who own and work in local takeaways and also drive for a local taxi firm who are allowing young girls to frequent their premises, young girls have been seen in the back of these taxis and concerns we're growing for their safety, they we're also told about how young girls have been seen hanging around certain takeaways in the town, one of the leafleters told the elderly couple about Charlene Downes, the schoolgirl from Blackpool who was 'groomed' in takeaways in Blackpool and has never been seen since, and that the reason why everyone is here is to prevent anything happening to the girls of Castleford. The couple we're shocked and disappointed that the Police and the authorities have allowed this to happen.

The Police we're deployed in large numbers in and around the town of Castleford, no trouble or arrests have been reported.

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  1. If this is really happening which I think it is then the local community and the police need to work together to put a stop to it, one way to go is for the public to stop using the takeaways and the taxi services, the police need to look into this quickly as it's a disgrace to the the whole country.