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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Azhar Ahmed, court 1 please.!!!!!

Kirklees Magistrates Court, Huddersfield.

Members of Combined Ex Forces (CxF), Nationalists, and Patriots came together to protest outside Kirklees Magistrates Court today to show their disgust at Azhar Ahmed the Muslim teenager who made insulting comments on a Social Networking site earlier on in the year, these coments have infuriated not only the British Public but Servicemen and ex-Servicemen alike, his comments were aimed at the 6 British Soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan who have since been laid to rest with full Military Honours. 

Once everyone had arrived at the court entrance, they tried to make there way into the building only to be stopped by a private security firm, telling them they could not enter the building, so a bit of a confrontation ensued until the Police intervened, once the debate had been dealt with it was decided that only 25 could actually go inside the courtroom. So at 11:30 the Usher for Courtroom 1 came to the foyer and said those that wish to sit in on the case could do so but everyone would have to remove any hats, mobile phones to be switched and order must be given, otherwise anyone not obeying these orders they would find themselves in contempt of court and they would be arrested and sent to the holding cells.

Everyone entered the courtroom and sat down until the District Judge entered the room, as soon as the formalities were over, the Prosecution stood up and said that he wished to apply for an adjournment due to the fact that he believed the Defense Council was known to the Judge, the Defendant Azhar Ahmed was not in court at any stage of the hearing, to which bemused the public in the gallery. No-one could get the relevant information as to why he wasn't present, the District Judge asked the Legal Adviser what date could be sought for the next trial, a date was set for the 14th September 2012. 

The Defendant Azhar Ahmed.

The Social Networking comment.

The 6 British Soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan, R.I.P

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