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Monday, 11 June 2012

The white race is becoming a minority in our own homeland.

Controlling a Primary school class can be a testing time for teachers at the very best of times, so spare a thought  at the English Martyrs school in Birmingham where the 414 pupils speak 31 different languages between them. As this picture shows, the children who speak English as their first language are in a tiny minority.

Demographers have asserted that the indigenous British will become a minority in their ancestral homeland due to mass immigration by the end of the 21st Century. The latest Genetic evidence proves that 80% of all the British people can trace their ancestry back to the Mini- Ice Age, which is at least 12,000 years, some cases are even longer. The Maoris of New Zealand have been afforded Indigenous status by the United Nations despite only being in New Zealand for about 750 years. Here is what it says in the definition of Genocide : Article 2, In the present convention Genocide means any of the acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group as such ; 2c, Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its destruction in whole or in part.

Genocide is the planned extermination of a people. Genocide might sound a little extreme to be applied to what is happening to white people, however, social engineers have in fact orchestrated the demise of white people. It is being done through the manipulation of Political, Educational, business, and entertainment leaders.  The process is ''slow'' but intended to be thorough and lasting. Ironically, many of these social engineers are actually white themselves. They are betraying their own people out of a sense of hatred and financial greed.

The white people need to shed the guilt that has been heaped upon them and realise that we are the ones with the moral high ground. Multi-culturism is just a code-word for the Genocide of the white race. They have put into place a system that assures shrinking white numbers, while giving immigrants an entitlement and victim mentality. They have brought this enemy into every white land and this was their plan all along. They have concocted this race war and they are the real enemies in all this. 

A perfect example of what Cultural Marxism does is shown daily on our TV screens in Britain. Soaps including Coronation Street, Eastenders etc, are the perfect vehicle for pushing the Cultural Marxist agenda upon the population. Millions watch these programmes and they believe them to be a true representation of life and what life should be like. Homo-sexual propaganda including men kissing men is portrayed as normal and shown before the watershed knowing full well that young children will be watching these programmes. Same sex couples portrayed as ''better parents'', mixed race relationships portrayed as something to embrace, constant portrayals of family break-up. They are nothing short of indoctrination. It is not only in the soap operas in Britain, you can see it at work in virtually every TV programme too. Cultural Marxism must be smashed and also it needs to be exposed as to where it actually comes from.


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Listen to the lyrics you will soon understand what is happening.

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