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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Nationalists carry out 2 flash demonstrations in 2 Counties.

Nationalists from the North West Infidels, The National Front,  North East Infidels, Combined ex Forces (CxF) staged two well organised protests, one in Rochdale in Lancashire and the other was in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. The Nationalists firstly met up in a public house in Rochdale at 10am, then the call was sounded to storm the Town Hall to get the publics awareness about the corrupt Labour Party leader Colin Lambert who has two Muslim Councillors on his ''team'', these two councillors gave ''glowing references in a British Court of Law for a convicted Muslim paedophile. The protest was for Colin Lambert to resign immediately without negotiation. After about 15/20 minutes into the protest the security was called, but to their surprise the Nationalists said to the security '' You have no Jurisdiction in this matter'' The security then decided to call the Greater Manchester Police. Two officers from GMP then tried to take matters into their own hands by saying that the protest was ''NOW OVER''. Everyone stood their ground until such time they thought that the message had been given to the public.

Here is the video that was captured inside the Town Hall. 
Rochdale Town Hall, a magnificent building, unfortunately it has been taken over by corrupt Councillors.
Could this be the Muslim Brotherhood of Rochdale ?
After the successful protest in the town hall, everyone made their way to another public house about a mile away to reflect on the mornings activity until suddenly the thugs in uniform namely Greater Manchesters very own Stasi Police stormed the public house and saw fit to assault certain people who they thought were involved in the protest in the town hall, they subjected these Nationalists to not only verbal abuse but physical violence as well, in fact they took one true Nationalist outside and physically assaulted him until he bowed down to their demands, this is something that can only considered as Soviet Union tactics.
The Tactical Aid Unit assaulting one of the true Nationalists outside the public house in Rochdale.
After the protest in Rochdale it was decided to do a flash demo in another county, namely Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. Dewsbury as you are well aware of is on the verge of becoming Islamified and the Labour council do nothing to stop the Islamists from making this town an Islamic town. Nationalists from the previous protest un rolled banners and Labour25 leaflets were handed out to the passing public. The Police were quickly on the scene and began asking questions. Then all of a sudden things started to turn rather nasty, the Police arrested a female protester because she retaliated against a Muslim woman who spat in the Patriots face calling her a ''dirty white trash whore'' The Police never questioned the Muslim woman for her actions, but decide to arrest the white Patriot instead.
Police brutallity on a Patriot after she stood her ground after being spat on by a Muslim woman.
After abour half an hour into the peaceful protest the Police from the West Yorkshire force decided to kettle the Nationalists further on in the town away from the Saturday shoppers, and were held for about an hour then forcing the Nationalists to give their details before then making them leave the town under duress.
This is the video that was captured at the moment when the white British Patriot was assaulted and molested by officers of West Yorkshire Police in Dewsbury. A Facebook page has been set up to support this brave Patriot, you can access it here

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