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Friday, 29 June 2012

British Tax-Payer will fund African village with £7,000.

The Millennium Village Project.

News is just reaching us that the British Tax-Payer will have to fork out around £7,500 for a £17.2m project in Ghana in Africa. This is a project backed by the UN and it began in 2004 and now the high and mighty in the UK have decided to throw in large amounts of OUR money in as well. As you will all know we are facing hard times, our own people are losing their jobs left right and centre, our elderly are having to choose between eating and heating in the winter months, our youth are finding it difficult to get a job, not only that young married couples are struggling to get onto the property ladder. This Government have handed out a staggering £8.8billion to other countries in foreign aid while this country is on its knees and its set to rise by a 3rd with this so-called Coalition Government, MADNESS. 

Villagers in a village near Ghana.

Last Sunday the International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, insisted that he will enshrine in Law the target of 0.7% of our National Income and give it to Global Aid. We all know that this money will never reach these African people because the African Politicians are corrupt and will use this money to buy weapons no doubt. 

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