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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Nationalists protest at Dewsbury court.

On Tuesday 20th March, over 150 Nationalists, and members of the Combined ex Forces (CxF), South Yorkshire Infidels, North West Infidels, staged a demonstration outside Dewsbury Magistrates Court to show their disgust at Azhar Ahmed who allegedly posted obsenities on a social networking site about the deaths of 6 British Soldiers who we're killed in Afghanistan. West Yorkshire Police we're in attendance in large numbers to separate the Nationalists from the entrance to the Court. The air was filled with anger and outrage at Ahmed and placards we're held aloft along with Union flags, no trouble or arrests were reported or made. We are living in uncertain times and the Government need to have a close look at the Judicial system. White indigenous people get arrested, charged and subsequently jailed for shouting ''Muslim bombers off our streets'', but Muslims only get £50 fines for burning the sacred Poppy and burning the Union flag.

The 6 Brave Soldiers who gave their lives.

Nationalists cordoned off by Police.

Combined ex Forces showing their disgust.

South Yorkshire Infidels (Barnsley Division)

The alleged Social network rant.

Azhar Ahmed attending court.

A family member of Azhar Ahmed leaving court with Police protection.

The charges of inciting racial hatred we're dropped in court, but Ahmed was charged with the Communications act 2003 in which he pleaded not guilty, he has been bailed to appear at Huddersfield Magistrates Court on the 3rd July.

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