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Monday, 31 October 2011

Stop the Muslim poppy burners protest.

MEP calls for mass demonstration against “insult to our bravest and our best” by Muslim hate-mob. 
Nick Griffin MEP has today called a non-political ‘open to all’ overnight demonstration to occupy and protect the site of the latest proposed ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ assault on Remembrance Day.
He said: “Last year’s disgusting poppy burning provocation must not be repeated, but the authorities’ pitiful £50 fines response has clearly encouraged Anjem Choudary and his ragbag of dangerous anti-British fanatics. So since the police and the Government are paralysed by Political Correctness, I call on serving soldiers, ex-servicemen and other patriots – regardless of race, creed or colour – to join me and do the job ourselves.
“The only way to ensure that Anjem Choudary and his sick ‘Hell for Heroes’ bullies are kept well away from the Service of Remembrance and the veterans and grieving families is to occupy the site before they get there. Last year’s police and judicial failure leaves us no choice. I will therefore be there on the approach to the Royal Albert Hall the evening before the proposed poppy burners’ insult to our bravest and our best. So bring your tents and sleeping bags on Saturday evening and join me on this Vigil for Remembrance Respect.”
Mr. Griffin is also asking people who cannot join the vigil on the night of Saturday 12th to try to arrive at the Royal Albert Hall as soon after 9 a.m. on Remembrance Sunday as possible.
“I am calling this action as an elected European Member of Parliament and not as leader of the British National Party. I will be contacting the Metropolitan Police shortly to make the necessary arrangements for an orderly demonstration that avoids disruption or inconvenience to the general public and the organisers of the Festival of Remembrance.
“This overnight vigil and the demonstration will be non-political. Everyone who shares our sincere concerns is welcome to join us. This is not a matter of party politics, still less about ‘race’; it’s a simple matter of respect and upholding decent standards.”
Finally, Mr. Griffin has issued the following statement about the rights of Muslim protesters to make their point: 
“While I detest the provocative actions of Anjem Choudary and his followers, I do not dispute their right to protest against the war in Afghanistan. My party and I have long advocated that our soldiers should all be brought home from Afghanistan immediately, since the neo-con war to make that dusty hell-hole safe for the TAPI gas pipeline is nothing to do with Britain. That the war is also further radicalising young Muslims in Britain is just one further thing that makes it so wrong and counter-productive.
“We must remember that our dead heroes fell in order to secure free speech for all – including those we find distasteful. But burning poppies and insulting grieving families is not free speech. If Anjem Choudary wants to argue against the illegal war in Iraq and the futile occupation of Afghanistan, I defend his right to do so, but if he wants to burn poppies, I’ll be there with a bucket of cold water ready for him and his flames of hate. I hope that this will make him think again and ensure that his demonstration is responsible, respectful and peaceful.”

Here is the shocking footage of the Muslims chanting and burning a poppy while Big Ben struck 11am on Remembrance Sunday 2010.>>

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