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Monday, 31 October 2011

Conference 2011

                                    Conference Liverpool 2011

Saturday the 30th October saw the British National Party hold its annual conference in Liverpool, it was well attended by loyal members from across the United Kingdom, a delegation from Wakefield & 5 Towns British National Party also went along and got involved in debating and voting in the motions that were put forward 2 weeks prior to the conference. Saturday got off to a great start with the registration of delegates, then an in depth  breakdown of the party's finances by the National treasurer Mr Clive Jefferson, he spoke of how the party was keeping its head above the water and how the 3 main parties were in a considerable amount of debt the Labour party was in debt to the tune of £7m not surprising when they got our country into £1.3trillion of debt in the 13 years they were in power. Around lunchtime we were graced with the not so much unexpected appearance by the left-wing Anti-British, Anti-Democratic lunatics of the UAF chanting their usual rubbish towards the brave patriots of the British National Party members, but they soon vanished when the heavens opened up and washed them away.

After the days events of Saturday, everyone enjoyed a lovely hog roast and social evening with nationalist music playing in the background, Adam Walker the National Organiser decided it was time for a history quiz which everyone participated in the prize being £20 to the winning table, unfortunately the Wakefield contingent didn't win.

Sunday morning saw the Britain's Veterans Group have their standard blessed and dedicated by the Rev'd Robert West in his Sunday Service which was well attended. The business end of the conference was now to begin with 12 motions to be debated on then put to the vote, during the motions debate, the Chairman Mr Nick Griffin told the captive audience that the Labour Leader of Liverpool City Council Joe Anderson had turned up in his shabby clothes to demand that the owner of the venue ''kick out'' the BNP within 15 minutes or he would be going to the licencing dept first thing on Monday and obtain an order to have the licence withdrawn from the owner. Mr Griffin soon get in touch with his solicitors and carefully put together a letter which was handed to Joe Anderson outlining that what he was trying to do was in fact un-democratic and the true face of fascism. 3 hours later and the conference was still in full swing the left-wing councillor went away with his tail between his legs and never returned but his cronies of the UAF stayed with their placards and cardboard signs chanting their usual rubbish.

There was a good rallying call by Adam Walker and Cllr Mike Whitby for members and activists to attend the 8th anniversary in Blackpool on Tuesday 1st November of the disappearance of Charlene Downes the 14 year old school girl who was allegedly murdered by Muslim takeaway owners on Dickson Road in Blackpool.

At the end of conference Nick Griffin gave a powerful speech about how the party had been systematically been targeted by agent provocateurs and by the ruling elite, and how their attempts to destroy the party had indeed failed and that the British National Party was now stronger than ever before and that he intends getting the party more pro-active after all the BNP is an activist party and that in 2012 there will be a representative on the GLA and in 2014 the party will have more MEP's in Brussels. After the speech came the singing of Jerusalem an heart warming and blood flowing song that is sure to motivate the members and the cause. << Jerusalem sung by the delegates at the conference.

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