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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Another good deed

Darren Lumb the Wakefield and 5 Towns British National Party organiser has donated another £500 to a local organisation, this time in his own village of South Elmsall. The Yorkshire Rose First Aid Society was in need of funds to buy essential medical equipment, he secured £500 and made a date to donate the cheque. Mrs Tina Wood the Superintendant of the society and her Husband Frank welcomed Darren at the Miners Institution in Moorthorpe, South Elmsall with open arms. Tina told of her plight to secure funding for the youngsters to learn First Aid. she said the First Aid society had been established for over 17 years and they had struggled with one thing and another, she went on to say that she asked the local Labour run Town Council for a donation and all they have given was a paultry £20 in all the 17 years of being in the village. Darren was appauled at this and said to Tina '' If you want anything else please do not hesitate to ask me''

Darren in recent months has donated £500 to South Kirkby Church for the clock repair and only a few weeks ago donated £500 to Carlton Main & Frickley Colliery Brass Band. The British National Party really is doing good things never mind what the left wing lunatics say.

1 comment:

  1. They call him a racist.
    Now I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer but looking after your own seems like common sense to me, it does not seem racist.
    Support Darren and he will support you and yours, vote BNP.