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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Racial grooming of our children.

We in the British National Party have made a point in protecting OUR children from Muslim paedophile gangs preying on vulnerable girls in ''honeytraps'' commonly known as takeaways  and who are enticed into sexual favours by these gangs, What follows is footage in Blackpool when a contingent of BNP members  gathered outside a takeaway on Dickson road, Blackpool to lay a wreath in memory of Charlene and the local police tried to arrest them, the police even told the BNP members that the wreath would be treated as rubbish and put in the bin.....

Charlene Downes was 14 years old when she vanished, she was groomed and allegedly murdered by the owners of the Funny Boyz takeaway on Dickson Road, Blackpool.

If any parent from the Wakefield area has any suspicions about what their child is doing and they feel their kids are getting into something they know and is out of the ordinary then contact your local BNP Organiser at once.
Here is another link>> We really are making a big difference to exposing these animals.

These takeaway owners start off by giving away free chips/kebabs, then it leads to alcohol,soft drugs, more alcohol, then harder drugs, then before the parent knows it the girls are sold for sex among the owners friends.

Please don't let your daughter be a statistic.

Get in touch and WE WILL act on your behalf..

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