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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Furthermore to The leadership campaign.

Please read the following and judge for yourselves about the Brons campaign team........

‎1. Andrew's a nice guy but he's told everyone he is stepping down
not long after he is elected.

2. As he owns £1 million worth of property, the first writ he gets
will see him walk, he has too much to lose.

3. He can afford to retire he's got three pensions including £1200
a month from the European Union.

4. He nearly died last year, he was in intensive care. He is still
very ill he has to take warfarin (rat poison) to thin his blood and
his heart stopped last month. Trying to run the Party would kill
him for sure.

5. Who is going to take over, Eddy Butler? Everyone despises him
and he is so charismatic they call him the "mumbling corpse".

6. Maybe English Democrat Chris Beverley would replace Brons. What
an insult to our Scots, Irish and Welsh members. Using their money
to install an English Civic Nationalist into the European
Parliament. Remember the EDs stand Muslim candidates.

7. Andrew's even on record as wanting to let the likes of Sadie
Graham back in. It was caught on video, even though he now denies

8. It is well known he already has Sadie Graham's friend Ian Dawson
working on his campaign. He was another involved in stealing and
leaking the membership list a couple of years ago.

10. Take a look at his Facebook page. They are all on it. Thick as
thieves, Butler, Bennett, Mullins, Sadie Graham, Nick Cass, Chris
Beverley and Kenny Smith

11.. They have been saying we are going to run out of money for the
last two years, but we are still here.

12. As soon as you have proved that they are telling lies they just
go and make up a whole new pack of them. You can't win! It's
classic Frankfurt School tactics

13. Brons wants to let back all the troublemakers and people we
don't want. Mark Collett - who there is strong evidence designed
his glossy smear booklet. Simon Bennett - who took our website down
just before the election is providing him with technical help on
his web operation. The December Rebel friends of list-leaker Sadie
Graham - such as Kenny Smith, Steve Blake (who was caught red-
handed spying on andstealing local officials' emails) and Ian
Dawson (who Brons had over on his last Brussels jolly, which was
organised by Eddy Butler)

14. Brons says he want to overturn the decision of a huge majority
of the members to have a 4 year fixed term leadership and go back
to the chance of any election every year. Can we really survive
doing this every year? Look at how bitter and factional this has
been. It's time to draw a line under all of this.

15. Brons has no idea how the Party machine runs. He isn't
interested. He doesn't even know who he would have in key
positions. Electing him would see the Party machine grind to a

16. Funny how Andrew sets out his stall on putting the members
first. Well the members wanted him to sign that contract about
employing staff and owing his seat to the BNP etc. He has refused
point blank to sign it. He's just like Richard Barnbrook.

17. Andrew simply hasn't got the drive and energy that Nick has
got. After all he is a lot older. One other thing he doesn't have
Nick's patience, he loses his temper all the time.

18. Those illegal pamphlets coming through the door it was just
like the bad old days of 2007. Do you know Andrew wants to let
those people back in. Strange how the same tackticks are being

19. He's got Arthur Kemp putting out that poison on his website.
Arthur's just annoyed at Nick because he thinks he wouldn't let him
have a job. In fact it was Andrew's fault as he actually gave back
£thousands of staffing allowance money to the EU last year alone
rather than give Arthur a wage. Arthur then demanded £2,500 a month
to run the party website and was told we couldn't afford it.

20. John Walker, Arthur's friend, is there because he doesn't like
Clive Jefferson because Clive cut his wages.

Martin and Tina Wingfield are backing Brons because if he becomes
Chairman the support Nick needs to finish off his successful battle
against the Equality Commission will be withdrawn and he'll lose
that case by default and be bankrupted. Then Martin Wingfield
(Number 2 on the North West list) will become MEP instead. Follow
the money!

21. Can you imagine Eddy Butler running this Party with Chris
Beverley as his deputy. Every single Party loyalist would be
systematically driven out.

23. Can you imagine the BNP without Nick Griffin? If they won they
wouldn't stop until they drove him out of the BNP. The public would
think the Party has gone mad.

24. Strange isn't that the only ones who get targeted, harassed and
abused by these malcontent's are those that are loyal to the Party.

25. They just seem to turn irrationally it's almost as if they have
been bitten by a werewolf.

26. The trouble is they form into groups that feed off their own
negativity and don't want to hear anything positive. Easier than
putting leaflets out though.

27. They go on about Nick's baggage but Andrew's got plenty of form
too and who can ever forget the dreadful homo erotic Channel Four
documentary featuring Nazi boy Collett and Beverley.

28. Nick is trying to keep this leadership campaign positive but
the other side are trying to drown him with a tsunami of lies.

29. Funny how they hide in the shadows and use anonymous names.
They haven't got the balls to tell you to your face.

30. The Brons campaign is attacking Solidarity and key Solidarity
officers like Adam Walker and Pat Harrington. But their efforts
have saved the jobs of several dozen BNP members and won all sorts
of victories over employers in dozens of cases fought on behalf of
our people.

30. Nick took in Andrew from nowhere and made him an MEP through
all the work he had done before. Just look at how he repays him.

31. Butler has no idea how to treat people. If I had to take
instructions from Butler, Beverley or Collett I think I would leave
and I wouldn't be the only one.

32. The Brons booklet says Jackie Griffin handles his Euro
expenses. She doesn't. She manages his office account as a
volunteer and puts the full details up on-line each month. Who does
Andrew's? He does them himself! And how often does he post them on-
line? Once !

33. The long list of debts in the smear document is copied from
Brons' own website. And it's a pack of lies.

34. Ask Geof Dickens about the real financial situation. He will
tell you that there is no “financial crisis”. Better yet go to head
office and look for yourself. Brons has been offered full access of
membership, accounts – everything and he will not come and look.
That says it all! He knows he is pumping out lies and will not
actually look at the FACTS because he will then have to retract all
his vicious smears and what is left if he does? An old confused man
that has been taken for a fool by people driven by hate and not
motivated by anything else. Sad really.

35. Adlorries, is Jim Dowson, and we don't owe him a penny (the
other way round if anything!). Dowson is a snake-oil salesman.

36. The Party are bang up to date with all tax bills.

37. Romac Printers: A so-called 'creditor' is appearing shortly in
court in Carlisle charged with blackmail over his claim for money
from us. Another “friend” of Dowson.

38. Clear channel is paid.

38. The other printers mentioned in the smear bulletin have been
fully paid or we have agreed payment plans in place. Except Newton
Press – Richard Barnbrook took the Newton Press issue to court to
try and get out of his responsibility for a large part of that bill
that he ran up without the knowledge of central party and a high
court Judge has put an order on the case preventing anyone settling
it at the moment. A most bizarre situation but one that we are
determined to sort out.

40. The security company is on great terms with us and the long
term investment is being paid of with, again good relations with
said company.

41. The “court cases” mentioned in the bulletin are totally
inaccurate and simple scaremongering alarmist rubbish.

42. You see the truth is Mr Brons does not know what is going on
around him. He is an “intellectual” and has no idea what “his team
is doing”, he can not control them and he will have absolutely no
chance of running or controlling the British National Party.

43. Nick has used his £40k a year Communications Budget to give us
things like the ReferendumNOW campaign material. Brons is using his
to put out leaflets that hardly mention the BNP but use the English
Democrats' logo! His constituency office manager, Chris Beverley,
is now a leading English Democrat. Mark Collett's solicitor in his
action against the BNP is Robin Tilbrook, leader of the English

45. Andrew Brons has said in hustings meetings that he will employ
Mark Collett!

46. Vote Brons, Get Butler and Dowson.

47. Arthur Kemp is actually emailing people with the PDF of the
disgraceful smear booklet and that is the man running the Brons on
line campaign – an utter disgrace and Brons can not control him.

48. At the hustings Brons said that he had not even thought of who
would be on his team if he won! He has no “team” or mare accurately
the reality is his team will be Butler, Beverey, Collett and
Dowson, so not a bit of wonder he will not name his team is it?

49. You must vote for Nick Griffin because he is the only man that
can run the British National Party.

50. This is a pivitol time for the British National Party. The
right choice – Nick Griffin – will make sure of the survival of the
party and the 4 year stability that we will have will give us a
strong united party and finally allow us to re-focus on the real

There you have it folks..

The only true leader for OUR party is Nick Griffin.

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