Monday, 1 February 2016

Dover - The return.

Nationalists from across Britain marching in the coastal town of Dover.

On Saturday 30th January 2016, a call went out to every single Patriotic organisation across Britain to attend a march and rally in the coastal town of Dover. These Patriotic groups were represented by, The National Front, South East Alliance, The North West Infidels, Sunderland Defence League, Scottish Defence League, Bishop Auckland Against Islam, Berkshire Infidels, Bristol United Patriots, Right Wing Resistance,  Misanthropic Division, National Action, North East Infidels and British Movement. At roughly 11am everyone started to descend upon Dover and made their way to the Priory Hotel public house before the scheduled march which was to take place at 1pm. Everyone who turned up were in good spirits and the atmosphere was lively but peaceful. There was a counter protest at 11am by Left wing groups which was for the most part funded by the Labour Party and prominent trade unions such as UNITE and UNISON, they held their protest in the centre of Dover and their main speaker was the Labour Party MP, Dianne Abbott. 

At 1pm the Patriotic groups started to form up ready for their peaceful and lawful march towards the main entrance to the Port of Dover. Whilst the organisers were asking everyone to form up, there was a commotion further down the road which was observed as the far left and criminal Anti-Fascist Network - ANTIFA. Smoke bombs were being hurled over the heads of the Police towards the Patriots. The Police then decided to get the Patriotic march underway, during the march a long line of Police riot vans moved into their positions which were alongside the Patriotic procession and some were leading the march, only to be overwhelmed by hundreds of ANTIFA, some of which gained the high ground on a grassed banking on the right hand side of the road, ANTIFA then began to throw wall bricks, broken paving slabs, coins, lumps of wood and powerful `flash bangs`. Due to the violent behaviour by these far left criminals, the Patriots had no choice but to protect themselves and use their Common Law right to self defence. A number of Patriots were injured by bricks resulting in some receiving head injuries, one Patriot received a broken foot after being hit by a piece of paving slab. The police were losing authority and it looked like they were focusing their attention towards the Patriots instead of facing the real enemy. After about 30 minutes some kind of order was established and the march proceeded on route towards the intended rally point at the Port. Once again ANTIFA tried to ambush the march near a petrol service station, which saw smoke bombs and bricks being hurled once again by the far left towards the Patriots. Scuffles broke out between Patriots and ANTIFA resulting in one ANTIFA being knocked out unconscious on the kerbside. The police ordered their officers to partition the opposing factions until order could be restored, once the police had got the situation under control, the march then continued. A lone drummer continually played his drum during and after the melee, and the beat of this drum echoed around the area for quite some considerable time. Watch here as Patriots form up in a peaceful manner

A video has been released showing ANTIFA causing trouble and inciting a riot.

Above - ANTIFA casualties after they had started the violence with Patriots.

The procession finally made its way to the port for a agreed rally where speeches were to be delivered. There was to be a number of speakers at the rally, but only 3 managed to speak, this was because after the third speaker had given his speech, news was beginning to circulate amongst the Patriotic crowd of around 450 that a Patriot had been subjected to an attack by a group of ANTIFA in a cafe back in the town centre, so the majority of the crowd decided to make their way back into the town centre only to be stopped by hordes of ANTIFA throwing bricks. A stand off ensued for about 45 minutes near the market stalls, police dogs were drafted in to separate the two groups. Once again the Police had lost control of the situation and it would seem that they casually allowed the confrontations to take place, there were sporadic confrontations inside the leisure centre as well, ANTIFA had re-grouped and began making making their way to the leisure centre but this time they were in high numbers and all wearing Black clothing, they tried to rush the leisure centre steps all the while throwing whatever they could get their hands on, the public were terrified and one gentleman of the public offered his assistance to get the Partiots to safety. 

Above - Just some of the Patriots at the rally point.

After about an hour of the orchestrated violence by ANTIFA, many of the Patriots started to head back to the Priory Hotel public house to celebrate yet another victory for commonsense. The mood was jovial and the organisers thanked each and everyone of the Patriots for turning up and making a stand against the unwanted illegal immigration into Britain which is being perpetuated by the Politicians in Westminster and the unelected bureaucrats in the EU. 

Final thought
For months, perhaps years to come the far left, pro refugee lobby and ANTIFA supported by the Labour party and trade unions WILL REMEMBER DOVER !
The far left, pro refugee lobby and ANTIFA were seriously routed.
They came heavy handed with missiles, 4 by 2 pieces of wood with nails in them, weapons galour and they were still beaten BACK.
Even Dover residents supported and joined the anti refugee protesters.

It is sad when anyone get injured but remember the anti refugee protesters had a legal organised march planned. the far left, pro refugee lobby and ANTIFA ventured away from their delegated area in Dover and sought out trouble with the anti refugee protesters AND CAME UNSTUCK.

Dover was a victory for the future of every man, woman and child in this country, it sent a clear message to the politicians that their diplomacy, their spin and their gerrymandering of the refugee issue is failing.

The time has come for some strong affirmative political action concerning the refugee crisis or we envisage Dover will just be the start. 

The Nationalist Correspondent has not published any photos from the day due to concerns that the police will be trying to identify the faces of Patriots which could lead them being arrested on jumped up charges just for trying to defend themselves. The Police should be trying to identify the perpetraitors of the far left trouble causers instead. 


  1. Any news about the individual who was ambushed and hospitalised in the café?

  2. Sympathy for our side injured + huge congratulations from across the pond.