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On Sunday the 8th of November around 150 members and supporters of the National Front travelled to London to attend the annual National Front Remembrance Day Parade which has taken place for the last 48 years something that no other Nationalist party has ever done. Everyone met up at a location for a social meet and greet before it was time to move to form up at Bressendon Place a few hundred yards away. 

Once at Bressendon Place it was plain to see that the parade could no longer form up due to construction being undertaken, so the Metropolitan Police Liaison Officer (PLO) arranged with the National Front`s Parade Marshall to move the parade around the corner onto the pavement, which was agreed and everyone made their way there. After a few minutes of making sure that everyone was in their rightful position, 2 snare drums at the front, with the bass drum behind and in the centre, followed by the National Front Chairman Kevin Bryan, and Richard Edmonds, behind them were the Poppy wreath bearers and then the Union Flag party behind them, then the members of the National Front and then supporters and members of the public taking up the rear of the column.

It was now time to move off. The Parade Marshall gave the order "Parade, National Front Parade will march in column of route, to the beat of the Bass Drum, by the front, quick march" then the Bass Drummer banged on his Bass Drum, and the National Front began to march along the pavement until it reached a safe place to march on the road then onwards towards the Cenotaph, the street was lined with members of the public and former members of the Armed Forces, who applauded the National Front as they made their way along. The 2 snare drummers and the Bass Drummer played with passion and the sound of these drums echoed between the tall buildings making everyone in the vicinity look in awe of the procession.

The column of Patriots with their flags flying aloft could be seen from a distance away as they made their way towards Westminster Palace and Whitehall, once at Whitehall the PLO approached the Parade Marshall and said that the procession has to stop once it has made its way onto Whitehall due to the Cenotaph being open to the public, and that a delegation of Wreath bearers were to proceed to the Cenotaph to lay the wreaths. This didn't happen as the National Front believe in holding their Remembrance Day Parade as they have always done in the past. A single drum beat was played as the National Front continued towards the Cenotaph, a large crowd of anti`war campaigners had gathered at the Cenotaph making it difficult for the parade to proceed, but the Parade Marshall gave the order to continue, as soon as it was possible to bring the parade to an halt the Parade Marshall gave a load shout for the Parade to halt.

The National Front parade then turned to the Cenotaph with the wreath bearers coming to the front, then to their surprise the whole of the Cenotaph was surrounded by steel barriers making it impossible for the wreath bearers and the Chairman to place their wreaths. The Parade Marshall then signalled to the Bass Drummer to bang the drum and asked the flag party to lower their flags. The Parade Marshall then recited the verse of the world renowned poem by Laurence Binyon "They shall grown not old, as we that are left grow old, age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn, at the going down of the Sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM, and all fell silent for the mandortory 2 minutres. After a bit of confusion and negotiation with the PLO it was decided that a Constable will take the wreaths and he would place the wreaths upon the plinth of the Cenotaph. One by one the Poppy wreaths were handed to the Constable who in turn placed them on the plinth in front of the wreath that was laid by the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

The PLO then said that this was the end of the parade, but he was told that every year the National Front also march to the Womens War Memorial to lay flowers and wreaths in recognition of the women who play their part in the wars. The PLO said that whoever wanted to lay their wreaths at the Womens War Memorial had to do so individually and not as a parade. This was adhered to, and a few Patriots made their way, while the rest of the parade followed on behind them. At the Womens War Memorial flags were lowered and a minutes silence was observed and then Richard Edmonds recited the Lords Prayer. The Parade Marshall informed the parade that was the end of the National Front Remembrance Day for this year and then asked everyone to form back up in their original ranks of 3 and then gave the order for the National Front to march again. The bass drum sounded and the National Front began to march again, this time along Whitehall and passed Downing Street and then turned right down towards the Embankment where a rally would commence.

When the parade was nearing the end of the route the Parade Marshall gave the order for the National Front to halt and fall out and make their way to the Embankment. At the rally point everyone formed a semi circle to listen to speeches by Richard Edmonds, Eddie Morrison and then the Chairman Kevin Bryan. Richard Edmonds speech can be read below. Eddie Morrison spoke about how every White Briton must now come together and get behind the National Front so that Britain can be what it was before the destruction of the treacherous politicians. Kevin Bryan gave his usual rousing speech and thanked everyone for attending and wished them a safe journey back home.

Above - Police Constable laying National Front Poppy Wreaths.

Above - Police Constable laying National Front Poppy Wreaths.

Above - Police Constable laying National Front Poppy Wreaths.

Above - National Front Poppy Wreaths on the Plinth of the Cenotaph. 

Above - Footage from the National Front Remembrance Day Parade.

The speech that was delivered by Richard Edmonds :
"Friends, Today we pay tribute to those brave men and women who suffered and who gave their lives in the two world wars. We do not forget the bravery and the sacrifice of those men and women:
Those men who charged enemy machine-gun posts; those men who stormed up the Normandy beaches; those men who flew their planes into dangerous skies; those men of the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy who sailed their ships across dark and dangerous oceans.
We do not forget the bravery of those men who faced Death on a thousand battle-fields and whose names are engraved on War-memorials from one end of the country to the other. Those men who marched away from every town, city and village, never to return.
Let me in particular pay tribute to those British soldiers brutally murdered by Jewish terrorists at the end of the Second World War: the hundred British military and civilian personnel mass-murdered in the name of Israel when Zionist terrorists exploded a bomb at the headquarters of the British Army in Palestine; the two British Army sergeants, Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, kidnapped and murdered by Jewish terrorists; Gunner Harold Yates from Sheffield gunned down in cold blood by Zionist terrorists disguised and wearing the stolen uniforms of British officers: British Heroes, gone but not forgotten.
Today may we their sons and daughters, their grandsons and their granddaughters never forget the Sacrifice of the Fallen of the two World Wars. May we, who come after, draw Strength from their Patriotism and draw Strength from their Idealism. We know that those dead heroes would turn in their graves if they could see what had become of our Britain.
Let us say it: Those men were betrayed: The party politicians, the Traitor-politicians, are destroying the country. Our proud cities, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, parts of South Wales, parts of Scotland turned into riot and permanent crimes zones, where we the native British are in danger of becoming the minority in our own country.
This is the modern fight: the fight against the betrayal of Britain committed by the party politicians. This is the fight that the National Front has fought for fifty years now. Friends, You are in good company when you join us. We fight for the White Man, for his family and for Britain. May the courage of those brave men whom we honour today, may their courage inspire us now, as we face the inner-enemy, the politician-traitors of the old gang at Westminster"

Richard addressing the National Front at the Remembrance Day Rally.

Eddie Morrison addressing the Remembrance Day Rally.

National Front Chairman Kevin Bryan addressing the Remembrance Day Parade. 

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  1. Congratulations current White Warriors, as Our past victims cheer you on, from On High !!