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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Think before you vote.

The EU President has said "Britain does not get to control its borders, and rejecting immigrants is “not up for negotiation“.
EU (European Union) President of the European Parliament, Martin Shulz, who is also a German Socialist politician, said that he took reform of the EU “very seriously.”
“The principle of free movement of people has been one of the greatest successes the EU has,” Shulz said, “it is a fundamental principle and it’s not up for negotiation any more than renegotiating the principle of the free movement of goods, services or capital.”

All 3 main political party's are PRO EU and are determined to destroy Britain and the British way of life, by voting for these party's you are giving them the consent to fulfil the demands of their paymasters in Brussels. Our Historic constitution will be lost forever, we will be ruled by a foreign power which is an act of HIGH TREASON according to the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights 1689. Below is a very informative video which explains in depth of what is happening to Britain. Make your vote count and DONT VOTE FOR LIB-LAB-CON.

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