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Monday, 13 April 2015

National Front Parliamentary candidate not invited to Rochdale hustings.

Blatant discrimination against the only Pro-White candidate in the Rochdale Parliamentary Constituency 

The National Front Chairman, Mr Kevin Bryan is the Parliamentary Candidate in Rochdale, and is representing the National Front, but on the 12th April, the Vicar of Rochdale, Rev Mark Coleman refused to invite Mr Bryan to the Hustings meeting to be held at Rochdale Parish Church (St Chads) on Sunday 19th April at 3pm. Mr Bryan said "Those that tell us how wrong it is to discriminate are more than keen to discriminate when it comes to someone they dont agree with"
Rev Mark Coleman released the following statement in both a letter addressed to Mr Bryan and as a post on a Facebook group called `YOUR ROCHDALE`

Statement about the Rochdale Hustings.

The Vicar of Rochdale and the Parochial Church Council of St Chad`s Rochdale have decided not to invite the National Front to take part in the Hustings event, which is to take place at Rochdale Parish Church (St Chads) on Sunday 19th April at 3pm. The Vicar and St Chads PCC do not endorse any candidate and have decided on the impartial basis that the presence of the National Front may increase the likelihood of a breach of the peace to not invite the National Front candidate Mr Kevin Bryan. We shall explain this at the start of the meeting to all attendees and make it clear that mr Bryan is also standing.

Mark Coleman
12th April 2015.

Final Thought

Democracy is but a sham of the word when it comes to having a voice in a public meeting, It would seem that the word Democracy only exists if you are Left of the political Spectrum. The Church should never get itself involved in politics but this Vicar has done just that by refusing to invite a legitimate candidate who as paid the £500 deposit that is required by the Electoral Commission. In the 2010 General Election, the National Front Candidate in Rochdale received 4.8% of the vote and just missed out getting his deposit back. This 4.8% of the electorate should have the right to see their National Front candidate at the Hustings at this General Election just like the rest of the candidates.

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