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Monday, 9 March 2015

South Yorkshire Police use STASI style tactics to stop Nationalist protest in Rotherham.

National Front members attempted to join other Nationalists in Rotherham, Saturday 7th March but South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Labour Party Council had drafted in Police forces to the town from different forces across the country. 

On Saturday 7th March, National Front members travelled to Rotherham to join other Nationalists from The North West Infidels, The South East Alliance and other Patriotic organisations such as the Scottish Defence League and the Loyalist Defence League to protest about the scandal of Muslim rape gangs that has blighted the South Yorkshire town for over 16 years and to demand the immediate arrests of the ones who ignored the plight of the 2000 young White girls. Upon arriving, hundreds of Police Officers were deployed and embarked on a spree of issuing SECTION 35 Dispersal notices out as if they were giving out sweets to children (no pun intended). The Police were waiting at the local train station for Nationalist protesters to alight from the trains, police were also stopping coaches and cars on the motorway leading into Rotherham and again, SECTION 35 dispersal notices were issued and the coaches were turned around, so these coaches stopped at a service station Southbound and held a flash demo to inform the users of the services what had happened in Rotherham. One Woman Police Officer in Rotherham was overheard to say "We are issuing you with these notices because we can`t have communities living in fear of violence, damage and things like that" but to her surprise a Nationalist told her that, "No trouble, violence or damage would be carried out by us because we are here to highlight a crime not to commit a crime".

Some Nationalists did however manage to slip under the `radar` and met up in a local public house but as soon as the police received information they swooped upon the public house and began to `kettle` everyone in, until dispersal notices were issued. 

Nationalists were then escorted back to their vehicles and to the train station, but little did the police know that a flash demo in the Lancashire town of Rochdale had been pre-arranged as a back up plan just in-case things didn't go to plan in Rotherham. Rochdale just like Rotherham, is blighted with Muslim rape gangs, with 12 new arrests being made very recently. A couple of hours later, National Front members teamed up with the North West Infidels along with other Patriots in Rochdale close to the Town Hall, they then proceeded to march through the town with flags and banners being proudly displayed, they gathered in the town centre to protest. An Islamic stall was pitched in the town and Muslims were distributing copies of the Qu`ran to the public, but as soon as the Nationalists were spotted the Muslims packed up their stall and quickly vacated the area. After about 30 minutes word had filtered through that some Muslim youths were attacking Nationalists who had stayed at the Town Hall to hold a smaller demonstration, so everyone quickly made their way to help their Comrades. A car full of Muslim youths were spotted driving around the area and one of the passengers was heard to shout out of the car window and pointing at one of the National Front Organisers "We`re going to rape your daughters". Tensions were raised because of this and the Police warned the Organiser that if he retaliated he would be arrested. The Inspector of Greater Manchester Police said that the National Front are by far the best at what they do and that they are the most feared. So the National Front and their allies must be doing something right.

Pictured above the NF leaflet that wouldve been handed out to the public in Rotherham.

Pictured above placards, stickers and posters produced by the South East Alliance.

Pictured above members of the South East Alliance and Kent National Front holding a flash demo at Woodall Services. 

Above video`s showing footage of the South East Alliance flash demo in the services. 


Pictured below scenes from the Rochdale flash demo

Final Thought 

The National Front, the North West Infidels, Scottish Defence League (SDL), Loyalist Defence League (LDL), South East Alliance (S.E.A) and other Patriotic organisations have already vowed to return to Rotherham and will keep doing so until proper justice has been seen to have been carried out and that arrests have been made and the criminals charged then convicted, resignations are simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!

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