Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Veteran Nationalist, Richard Edmonds speaking at Hull NF meeting.

Above, Hull National Front`s Banner. 

Above, Richard Edmonds speaking at Hull NF meeting. 

On Saturday 14th February around 40 members and supporters of Hull National Front listened to a tremendous keynote speak by veteran Nationalist Richard Edmonds, who had travelled all the way from his London home. What follows is the transcript of the speech that Richard delivered to his captive audience. 

Friends, fellow Nationalists,

In a few weeks there will be a General Election and the country will be given the choice to decide who will lead this nation for the next five years. The choice being offered is between: Mr. David Cameron (Tory), Mr. Clegg (Lib/Dem), Mr. Miliband (Labour) and even Mr. Farage (Bankers ally). And, Yes, straight away we can see the dire straights that we are in: Trash and Traitors every one of them. And that is the choice the System offers us. What the System is offering us, is the Death of Britain.

The Prime Minster, David Cameron is hoping to win the General Election so that the Tories can continue in power: What does Cameron want ?, and what is he offering the British people ? Cameron wants Britain to have an Asian prime minister. Cameron was recently shown in the press announcing this and surrounded by beaming Asian hopefuls, gleefully expressing their thanks and promising to vote Tory at the next election...

This is the same Cameron who is presiding over a country where for years and years organised gangs of Asian criminals raped, sexually abused, tortured and sold into prostitution English children. In one town alone, in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, it is now admitted that one thousand four hundred under-age girls were victims of the grooming gangs. For sixteen years it went on. Mr. Cameron is presiding over a country where criminal Asians were let loose to sexually abuse English children in towns and cities right across the North of England: Manchester, Blackburn, Rochdale, Bradford, Rotherham, Sheffield, as far South as Birmingham, Oxford, Dover; and now there are more charged in Newcastle.

Any one for an Asian prime minister ? 
Any one want their country wrecked ? 
Any one want millions of foreigners let into our country ? : 
No checks on who they are ? 
Murderers, Terrorists, vile criminals with hatred in their hearts: all let into our country?

Cameron presiding over a country where school girls are murdered, stabbed to death on the school bus at 7.30 in the morning by insane foreigners?
A British soldier hacked to death in broad day-light by h
ate-filled extremists and all in the name of their alien god?

Any one want their people destroyed ? Any one want to live in a country where the criminals are armed to the teeth and the British people have no chance. I mean: No chance. Look at what we are being offered on polling day, May 2015: Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, and not forgetting Mr Farage.

Let us talk about Farage and his UKIP party. Yes, there is a reaction building up against the treason committed by the Establishment parties. UKIP is going to get a lot of votes at the coming election. And millions of people voting against Lib.Lab.& Con. is a welcome advance in British politics. The corrupt and wicked parties at Westminster need to be rejected and publicly humiliated by having millions vote against them. The protest vote is very legitimate. But, there is a But. The UKIP Voters will be the voice of the nation's rage and anger at what's been done to us, and very welcome too. But the leadership, around Nigel Farage is very much part and parcel of the same Establishment as are the others: they all support the globalist, internationalist, multi-racial agenda destroying Britain.

For example, Nigel Farage was challenged at the European parliament to state whether UKIP was in favour or not of immigration into Britain. Farage openly stated: 'UKIP is in favour of Immigration. We welcome Immigration, and we want Immigration.' Straight out of the horse's mouth and not just words. Question: Who will be the UKIP General Election candidate in the suffering English town of Rochdale ? Answer: an Asian.

Rochdale was the town where at the 2010 General Election Gordon Brown, the outgoing Labour prime minister was seeking votes, when a local woman, Mrs. Gillian Duffy, if I remember her name correctly, approached Gordon Brown and informed him that we, British, are now second class citizens in the town. Rochdale, she continued, is run for the benefit of the Asians. How did the Labour leader respond to this simple and true fact, bravely stated, Brown called her a 'bigot', by which he meant that this local woman was 'ignorant', and that she and her kind were to be dismissed out of hand. The woman was speaking from the heart for what she knew to be true, and Brown revealed that he had no heart and no sympathy for the British. Rochdale, where the British are second class citizens and where the political and judicial authorities to their undying shame turned a blind eye to the criminal grooming gangs, is where UKIP by its choice of candidate, is now joining Labour and the Tories in turning its back on the British people. Shame on UKIP. It's in your hour of need, you find out who your friends are.

In a country falling to bits, there will be many false prophets and many false dawns; and Farage and his UKIP are one of them. Britain and the whole White race is moving towards disaster. In a country run by the likes of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband it can not be otherwise. But we Nationalists know that a true dawn is approaching: we have faith that the British people will rid themselves of the failure politicians.


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