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Saturday, 7 February 2015

National Front oppose Bowood Islamic Slaughterhouse in Thirsk.

February 7th 2015 saw another successful demonstration by the National Front, this time in the sleepy market town of Thirsk in North Yorkshire.

Around 35 members of the National Front travelled to the sleepy market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire to show their disgust at the staff and management of Bowood Lamb Abattoir on Bubsy Stoops Road just outside of the town. Everyone assembled at around 1pm and displayed a variety of flags and banners on the fence of the slaughterhouse and then held a silent protest. The reason for this protest was because secret footage had been released into the main stream media showing staff at the abattoir physically abusing sheep that were destined to be slaughtered, but instead of humanely slaughtering these animals as required by British Law, the Muslim operatives punched, kicked and generally tortured them and slashed at their throats with saws before putting them to death by running a sharp blade across their throats and left the animals to thrash about in agony while their blood gushed from the open cuts that were administered by the blade.
After about an hour it was decided to head into the centre of Thirsk and engage with the public and to hand out leaflets. The centre of Thirsk is adorned with an historic clock tower which the Nationalists gathered around, flags and banners were unfurled and the campaign started. Things started slowly at first until the public realised what was happening, then their was an hive of interest and the National Front members were inundated with members of the public who were more than willing to take leaflets, during this town centre protest, a Mother was overheard chatting to her young daughter about why the Nationalists were at the clock tower, the Mother told her daughter, that the reason why they were there was because of the way animals were being treated in the abattoir, she explained that when they go into the local butchers shop, the meat that is on display came from animals that had been killed humanely and with dignity and with the animals welfare being the top priority, but the animals that are being killed in Bowood Abattoir were being treated badly, the Mother then went on to tell her daughter that a long time ago there was a gentleman who said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it" meaning that not everyone agrees with what the National Front does or says, but they have the right to say it.
The protest lasted about 2 hours and the public were very responsive and around 800 leaflets were handed out, a small contingent of Police officers were present but due to no confrontation or trouble the police were more than happy to facilitate the protest. One member of the public said that he had written a strong letter to his MP and demanded answers as to why the abattoir staff had been allowed to treat these animals in such degrading ways and he also said that in his letter he had demanded a full and proper police investigation in to the Muslim managements treatment of defenceless animals.
When the protest had finished a quick check of the protest area was carried out to make sure there wasn`t any leaflets on the floor and everyone was thanked for attending then they left and headed home. A small group of Nationalists stayed behind to continue with activities, they decided to embark on a leafleting session in the residential areas of Thirsk and delivered around 200 Anti-Halal leaflets,

Above, some of the National Front members outside the slaughterhouse.

Above, flags that adorned the fence at the abattoir.

Above, at the historic Thirsk clock tower.

Above, the leaflet that was handed out.

Above, National Front activist leafleting.

Above, National Front activist leafleting. 

Above, video footage outside Bowood Abattoir.

Above, video footage of  National Front activists embarking on a leafleting session in Thirsk. 

Final thought

The National Front have vowed to return to Thirsk to continue it`s campaign to demand the closure and subsequent arrests of staff and management of Bowood Abattoir. The cruelty of animals that are destined for Human Consumption must be given top priority in welfare and dignity. Britain and its indigenous peoples have always been a nation of animal lovers, but unfortunately the ones who have come to Britain have brought their cruel cultures with them.


  1. good for you guys, please keep up the good work

  2. good for you guys, please keep up the pressure for closing this place down,hopefuly act as a warning to other sadists in other hell holes like this.