Monday, 23 February 2015


A few days ago, members of South Wales National Front had received some intelligence about a Communist meeting, that was to take place on Monday 23rd February 2015 in the valley town of Merthyr Tydfil, the guest speaker at this far left Communist meeting was no other than the Traitor, George Galloway. After a few telephone calls,  the Nationalists had drummed up enough support from Patriots of the Valleys Front-Line Firm (VFF) to oppose this meeting. 

The meeting was set for 7pm in a venue in an alleyway, so the Patriots arranged to meet in a public house in Merthyr at 6pm. The Nationalists in attendance numbered around 20 with most of them coming from the Valleys area, Spotters were sent out to do a `recce` on the venue and when the Communists started to arrive, text messages were sent back to the Nationalists and the `game was on`. 

There were no ANTIFA in the vicinity to cause any problems so the Nationalists made their move, Once at the venue, it was noticed that the Communists that were queuing up were indeed middle class school teachers, The alleyway was rather narrow and the weather was a little nasty but that didn`t deter the dedicated Nationalists, they were adamant that they wouldn`t allow Communists and George Galloway to have any sort of platform in Merthyr. "Where`s Galloway?"  shouted one of the Nationalists, as the Communists looked on in shock and awe, the National Front flags were beginning to unfurl to the shouts of "National Front, National Front". and "Smash, smash smash the Reds" that echoed in the alleyway. 

At this point, 3 Police Officers appeared on the scene and got in-between the Nationalists and the shocked Communists, with one Police Officer who appeared to be shaking as he pointed to the Nationalists and shouted for them to "Get back" The Nationalists informed the Police that they were outside the venue because they had every right to protest and that they had no intention of leaving the area until they had voiced their opinions and showed their disgust at the Communists. One National Front member then pointed out to the Communists about how they are `supposed` to be for the working class and the workers, but they couldn't care less about the systematic gang rape of young White British girls across the country, especially in Rotherham, South Yorkshire where 2000 young White girls have been molested by Muslims.  A middle class man then came out of the venue to tell the Nationalists (in a very middle class posh voice) "To go away, as George Galloway was not in the building, because he pulled out of the meeting due to him falling ill" This almost brought the Nationalists to their knees with laughter, as they knew he was hiding in a toilet inside the venue.

After around 20 minutes of exchanging words with the Communists, who still had no back up from the Police, the Nationalists told the Communists that if they ever turned up in Wales with their twisted ideology, they will always be a counter protest because Communism has no place in Wales or indeed in Britain, after all Communism murdered over 120 MILLION people in the 20th Century. The Nationalists then left the area, in the knowledge that they had given the Communists a stern warning and that they totally surprised them and that they would not be welcome in Wales.  

Pictured above Nationalists on route.

Pictured above Nationalists on route.

Pictured above the Communist election leaflet. 

Pictured above just a few of the Nationalists from South Wales National Front. 

Above, short video`s of the nights action. 

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