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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Latest demographic predictions conclude, Britain will become an Islamic nation in less than 20 years (2035)

Due to rapid immigration and an average reproductive birthrate of 8.1 children per Muslim family, some experts are saying that Britain could be an Islamic nation within 20 years. 

Way back in 2003 an article in a British newspaper warned about a growing fear that the UK was on fast track to becoming an Islamic nation. That was over 10 years ago, and it seemed far fetched at the time. Now the British Government has published a detailed study with data that shows Islam will be the dominant `Religion` within the next Generation.
The concern in the 2003 article focused on the fact that Britain, and Continental Europe for that matter, are becoming increasingly secular while immigrant populations of devoted Muslims are growing.
The recent survey shows that while Christianity remains the dominant Religion in the UK, at over 50%, more than half of the population is over the age of 50 and, for the first time, less than half the people under the age of 25 actually consider themselves to be Christians. 
Meanwhile the Muslim population in Britain is growing so rapidly that Islam is predicted to overtake Christianity within the next 20 years. Combined with the growing secularisation of native Britons, the ratio could could well tilt in favour of Islam even sooner than estimated.
Such a change could be a serious concern. When Islam becomes the dominant `Religion` and power base in a society, Shariah Law soon follows and Non-Muslims may be relegated to Dhimmitude which means they are the subjects of the Islamic State. Already there are problems with Muslims taking to the streets of London and Paris on Fridays to observe their prayer. Streets become jammed packed with faithful Muslims who create several blocks of traffic congestion. Though there are laws against such gatherings but the authorities tend to look the other way. 
In Stockholm, Sweden one district of the city now allows Mosques to play the Muslim Call to Prayer, which screams out from the Minarets. The overall population of England and Wales increased by 3.7 million people from 2001 to 2011, but the number of people who said that they were Christians declined by 4.1 million and 6.4 million people said that they had no Religion at all. Meanwhile, the Muslim population grew by 1.2 million 
Such statistics do not tell the entire story, however, the decreasing number of native British Christians is alarmingly higher than first thought due to an increase on immigrant Christians which skewed the data, in addition, Christians had the oldest age profile in 2011 while Muslims had the youngest among all primary religious group. Almost half of Muslims in Britain are under the age of 25 and nearly 90% are less than 50 years old.
Another important factor in the study showed that Muslims are more diverse  than Christians. More than 2/3rds of the `British` Muslim population comes from Asia with another 10% reported as Black/African/Caribbean/Black British. Currently more than a million Muslims are from Pakistan and roughly 400,000 came from Bangladesh.
The problem is further complicated by the fact that Muslims have the lowest form of economic activity in the UK, which stands around 56%, Christians 60%, but there is another discrepancy in these figure.With the ageing British population, the demographics for Christians are distorted because of retirement. 
A Professor of Theology at Cambridge University, Fraser Watts says that in may Churches throughout Great Britain the bulk of the congregation is over 60 years old. As Watts sees it, those numbers are so striking that Christians could become a minority within the next decade rather than the estimated 20 years. While the Christian population declines, the evidence seems to show that younger Muslims are more devoted to their `faith` than their parents. In 2011 the name Muhammad was by far the most popular name for boys in England and Wales by a wide margin. It should be noted that there are no less than 22 accepted ways to spell the name "Muhammad" and all were counted in the total.
According to David Coleman, a demographics Professor at Oxford, the UK will undergo a major change in national identity that will impact them culturally, politically, economically and religiously when the White British population becomes a minority.
As Coleman put it, "The ethnic transformation implicit in current trends would be a major, unlooked for, and irreversible change in British society, unprecedented for at least a millennium. Many observers believe the current trend is the result of unacceptable immigration policies. Others have opined for years that much of the problem is due to increasing secularisation in British society.

Final thought
Recent immigration problems in Sweden have raised concerns throughout Europe and indeed Britain that the Islamic immigration situation is gaining momentum and could soon be out of control if something is not done about it soon to halt such influences. 
Muslim extremists make no secret of the fact that their ultimate goal is to gain control over the Non-Muslim world. Many Islamic analysts have warned of such consequences for decades. In light of the recent riots in Sweden and the current study in Britain, the question remains whether the alarm has been sounded or if is still being ignored. 

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