Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Illegal tunnel for immigrants found near Cornwall.

Tunnel found on the A30

A fifteen foot hole opened up along the A30 near Redruth. The road was closed and caused a major disruption, with tailbacks as far as Chiverton Cross. There was even a report that someone was late for work!
Experts believed the hole was a mine – shaft, but soon became suspicious when the area around the hole gave way and a little man popped his head out the hole.
Mining expert, Graham Pits who found the man said. “We were chipping away at the hole when it collapsed. We were so shocked to find a little man down the bottom. He was prepared for something, because he had a flask of tea and a packed lunch. When we looked in his wallet we found that he had an Eastern European Passport. The only English he could say was “I am Job.”

The Authorities were alerted after the tunnel was discovered.

After a thorough investigation, it turned out that the tunnel was in fact, an illegal immigrant tunnel set up by an organised criminal trafficking gang from Troon. Police followed the tunnel and ended up in France.
But the hole which has been named “The Illegal Euro Tunnel” isn’t all it seems.
Cornwall’s top interpreter – Nigel Truscott from Pool spoke to the man, he said “We knew the man was an illegal immigrant, but when I asked him what country he had come from, he laughed out loud and said “No, no you don’t get it do you? I lived in the U.K. illegally for the last six months, the tunnel is for people leaving the U.K. I can’t believe this place is such shit hole. Back in my home country, I was told the U.K. was the best place in the world! I now realise they were winding me up! I needed to get back home and the tunnel was my only chance!”
The Illegal Euro Tunnel may soon be made open to the public, with two of the biggest coffee chains battling it out over rights to build a coffee shop half way along the route to France and the possibility of three retail outlets for small businesses.

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