Saturday, 13 December 2014

Labour Party Councillor abuses her position to give her Murdering Son an Alibi.

A schoolgirl's killer has been jailed for life after he dodged justice for two decades because his Labour Councillor mother provided him with a false alibi.

A schoolgirl`s killer has been jailed for life after he dodged justice for 2 decades because his Labour Councillor Mother provided him with a false alibi. Former milkman, Colin Ash-Smith, 46. was told he would have to serve a minimum of 21 years in jail after being convicted of murdering Claire Tiltman in a barbaric attack in 1993. Ash-Smith chose not to attend the Inner London Crown Court to hear of his fate. Judge, Mr Justice Sweeney said "Claire had an engaging and lively personality and was extremely popular, with a wide circle of friends". He went on to say "I have no doubt that this was a premeditated murder that you carried out because of the feeling of power that it gave you, in so doing you not only ended Claire`s young life which was full of promise, but you also caused unbearable grief to her friends and family.
He added, "This was a premeditated murder, your intention was to kill, you took a knife to the scene for the purpose, and Claire was vulnerable due to her circumstances.
Described in court, Ash-Smith was the `Golden Boy` in his Mother`s eyes. He could do nothing wrong, he even attended the funeral of Claire and he wore the same clothes in which he stabbed her to death in an alleyway.
His parents, Diane and Aubrey, both Labour Party Councillors, were friends with Claire`s parents through the local Royal British Legion club, but that didn`t stop Mrs Ash-Smith, who later became her town`s Mayor, from providing her son with an alibi for the murder. At first she claimed he had been driving her home after dropping off leaflets, but Ash-Smith later changed his story to say he was at home instead.  His Mother then abused her position as a Labour Party Councillor to obtain information about the murder inquiry, quizzing Detectives about a car that had been seen in the area that matched her son`s.

Mrs Ash-Smith later admitted on Television that she had ordered her Husband, who was also a Labour Party Councillor, to dispose of a knife when her son was first questioned by Police. Mr Ash-Smith was jailed for 6 months in 1997 for perverting the course of justice, after cutting and boiling a blade which he later dumped in a bush. His wife was was acquitted of the same charge. Police believe that Colin Ash-Smith who was obsessed with Jack the Ripper, may have stalked more than 100 women, and had planned `hundreds` of attacks before he was finally caught.
Detectives found a chilling diary of his `assault plans`, in which he described his first attempted murder at the age of 20 as a `masterpiece`. He also described plans to kill at a care home and a railway station.

Above, Diane Ash-Smith, Labour Party Councillor. 

Above, Killer, Colin Ash-Smith.

Above, victim, Claire Tiltman. 

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