Friday, 5 December 2014

Jewish Labour Party Councillor jailed.

Above, Malcolm Ford.

Labour Party Councillor and former head teacher, Malcolm Ford has been jailed for a total of 15 years.

A former head teacher and Labour Party Councillor repeatedly raped a young girl over a period of 3 years has been jailed for a total of 15 years, the Judge said that Malcolm Ford aged 66, repeatedly raped the youngster and got `excited` from the power and control over his young victim. Malcolm Ford, who at the time of the offences was the head teacher of Heys Primary School in Ashton-Under-Lyme admitted four counts of rape on the child.

He vehemently denied the rape charges and denied ever touching her, but a jury at Manchester`s Minshull Crown Court found him guilty of all four counts of child rape. Prosecutors told how Ford, who lived in Ashton at the time had begun by fondling the child and then went on to repeatedly rape her.

Guy Mathieson, Prosecutor, earlier told the jury how the four counts of rape represented many attacks over a long period of time. Malcolm Ford, now of Bell Street Southport, told the jury that the girl had lied about the rapes and exaggerated everything else, but they rejected his claims and found him guilty.

The court heard he was in the teaching profession for 29 years, he was Chair of the Board of Governors and a Labour Party District Councillor who represented Skelmersdale in West Lancashire. Malcolm Ford was banned from working with children for life and he must sign the Sex Offenders Register. He was then handed down a 15 year jail sentence.

Above, the official Labour25 video. 

Final thought

Yet again we see that another Labour Party Councillor has abused his position of authority and committed a Cardinal sin against an innocent young girl. The Labour Party leadership have chosen upon itself to remain silent about these heinous crimes that their members and councillors are committing. This latest conviction brings the total so far to 51, there is a website that exposes these crimes and its called  Labour25 Just enter Labour25 (all one word) into your search engine and follow all the links.  The main website is listed below. 

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